15 Times 'Me Before You' Made Me Ugly Cry

by Rachel Simon

Having read, loved, and cried my way through Jojo Moyes' bestselling novel Me Before You , I knew that sitting through the movie adaptation wouldn't be the easiest feat. Yet I didn't expect just how much I'd be affected by the new film (if I did, I would've brought a lot more tissues). While at the May 26 New York screening of the film hosted by Bustle and Warner Brothers, I found myself — and the dozens of women around me — in tears not just once, but many times throughout the movie, which features one of the most tragic love stories seen on-screen since The Fault in Our Stars.

Yet surprisingly, my tears at Me Before You weren't just due to the sadness of the plotline, which follows the friendship, and, later, romance, between Lou (Emilia Clarke), a caregiver, and Will (Sam Claflin), the quadriplegic man who employs her. For all its painful scenes, the movie also features plenty of happy, joyous moments that prove just as moving, and I, for one, spent my screening fighting back a mix of tears caused by heartbreak, hilarity, and everything in-between. Here are 15 times Me Before You made me — and everyone else who saw it — get way too emotional. Small spoilers ahead!

1. When I First Saw Shirtless Sam Claflin

There weren't enough Hunger Games movies to prepare for that perfect sight.

2. When I Realized I Could Never Afford His House

I hadn't felt that much house envy since the last Nancy Meyers movie came out. That place was gorgeous.

3. When Matthew Lewis Appeared

Nothing like the sight of post-puberty Neville Longbottom to make a girl emotional.

4. When Will Made Lou Cry

My first serious tears came when a cynical, cruel Will made Lou cry, and didn't seem to feel the slightest bit of remorse.

5. When Will Got Sick

Yet quickly, it became clear that Will was much more vulnerable than he wanted to seem, and when he first got sick, I felt just as upset as his family and Lou.

6. When Lou Serenaded Will With The Molahonkey Song

The first truly sweet moment shared between Lou and Will, in which sang "The Molahonkey" Song to him, was cause for both laughter and tears.

7. When Lou Found Out The Truth

It was impossible not to feel Lou's emotion when she learned Will's plan, and that his parents were going to help him go through with it.

8. When Will & Louisa Went To The Castle

Although the scene was mostly played for laughs, it was still moving to see Will warm up to Lou and begin to fall in love.

9. When They Stepped Into The Wedding

In the book, Lou describes the wedding of Will's ex-girlfriend to his former friend as being undeniably beautiful despite the circumstances, and the movie did a perfect job of showing just that. It was a breathtaking wedding.

10. When Lou & Will Danced To Ed Sheeran

A gorgeous wedding, a beautiful dance between soulmates, and a song by Ed Sheeran? This scene was a recipe for happy tears. Lots of them.

11. Actually, Whenever Ed Sheeran Played

Dammit, Ed. Nothing like a soundtrack filled with this guy to make you burst into tears.

12. When Will Went To The Hospital

Unfortunately, Lou and Will's happiness didn't last long. When Will got sick and was sent to the hospital, Lou wasn't the only one inconsolably upset.

13. When Will & Lou Had Their First Kiss

The entire beach vacation was incredible, but Lou and Will sharing their first kiss nearly made me "aww" out loud.

14. When I Knew It Couldn't Last

Tearjerkers, man. You just know that the characters' happiness is not gonna stay.

15. And When I Watched The Entire Rest Of The Movie

Look, I'm not gonna spoil it for you. But as I said, we all knew this was going to be a tearjerker, and oh, it really is.

Thanks, Me Before You, for making me a total mess in public.

Images: Warner Bros; Giphy; Rachel Simon/Bustle