How To Steal Kiernan Shipka's Dior Show Style

In case you needed any more proof that she's literally perfect, Kiernan Shipka attended the Dior Cruise show on Tuesday, and in 24 hours, she's already given us three looks that I want to steal stat. Seriously, I'm not even sorry that she is a teenager and I am, well, not. She is complete #stylegoals.

You know that awkward style phase we all went through as a teen? Yeah, Kiernan Shipka totally skipped right on over that, and has been giving us her fashion A-game since she was a pre-teen. Every time I see her, whether it be her street style, her red carpet fashion, or couture at a fashion show, her sense of style, which was always on point, just keeps getting better. And better. And also better. And the Dior Cruise show is obviously no exception.

The actor is currently in London for the fashion show, and has already posted three looks on her Instagram that are going to have you lusting after her hair, makeup, and style. So much amazingness happening right here. If you want to steal Kiernan Shipka's Dior show style, here are three ways to get the look yourself at home.

1. Her Makeup

So I'm dying over this pantsuit right now, but given that it's getting warmer and that will not fly in most places, let's focus on her makeup. Shipka kept her makeup pretty natural for this look, but focused on highlighting her eyes with mascara and liner, and then rocked a bold and summery lipstick.

Bodyography In Cha Cha, $16,

This coral shade can be dressed up or down, and contains Aloe Vera to protect and moisturize your lips.

2. Her Hair

Again, flawless, but London's weather is more temperate, so you can totally get away with pants and a turtleneck, while a lot of us would be literally dying in it across the pond. But Shipka's textured, messy waves are totally perfect for summer.

This tutorial will teach you how to recreate her textured 'do. Just make sure to make a deep side part for extra drama like Shipka.

3. Her Style

This one you can totally steal in the summertime. A blush, lace dress can be glam, or edged up like Shipka with dark makeup and messy hair.

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It can be edgy, boho, romantic, feminine, or glam depending on how you style it, so a dress like this is really versatile.

Images: ASOS; Bodyography