A Comprehensive List Of Things We Layered In 2000s

No matter how hard you cringe when you look back to your early 2000s wardrobe, there's one thing you have to admit: The Noughties were an amazing time for layering. If you look through a comprehensive list of things we layered in the 00s, it becomes clear that there were no rules once the millennium hit. We forgot how to clothes and just grabbed anything in the closet and tossed it on. It was Mad Max times. Mini skirts were layered over baggy, bell bottom jeans; knit skinny scarves were paired with summer dresses; leggings were brought back from the dead and popped underneath any short hem we could get our hands on — it was all an exciting disaster.

But while the rule book was making its way down to the ground from being flung out the window, you have to admit there were some pieces that were more beloved than others. Some wardrobe items were more easily layered than others, and so they became the stars of the show. From sequined, lace tank tops to certain dresses, they proved to go with just about everything you threw at it. And I mean everything. Below are 11 things we used to layer in the 00s — try not to cringe too hard.

1. Tank Tops

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tank tops were like the work horses of the Noughties wardrobe — they could be layered over and under just about anything. While popping a camisole on top of a ribbed tank top was very much chic, another clever way to layer was to add a tank on top of a short sleeved shirt. Because the 2000s were a lawless land and anything went.

2. Minis + Leggings

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Is it too hot for tights? No worries sister friend, just layer some calf-skimming leggings underneath your skirt and you have just the same amount of coverage.

3. Summer Dresses

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Summer dresses were also layered up to an inch of their life — they could be popped on top of T-shirts to give their cleavage-baring silhouettes a more conservative look, or weighed down by heavy accessories for a bolder look. For example, low-hanging statement belts and flapper-like necklaces were all the rage a decade ago when it came to adding some pizzazz.

4. Low-Cut Sweaters

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These babies were made to be layered: This is where you extensive collection of tank tops came in.

5.Silk Camis

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Popped underneath blazers for a "Sexy CEO look" or hanging baggy over the waist of loose-fitting wide leg jeans, the cami was a 2000 It-Girl staple. Unfortunately, none of us really knew how to make it work for us because bed-wear when you're a teen is tough.

6. Belts

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Remember when you'd be a fashonista and layer a couple of skinny belts together to ensure you have a progressive-like outfit? Seventeen was full of great ideas back then.

7. Tunics

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You could wear 'em as dresses and layer them over a pair of leggings, or turn them into a super baggy shirt that's cinched at your hips with a loose belt. Her Ashley Olsen does a boho-but-classic styling technique where she pairs hers with a black blazer — which was also a super popular staple back in 2004. (I can confirm this with the eight versions I had hanging in my closet.)

8. Dresses + Jeans

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Don't know if you're in the mood to wear a dress or jeans tonight? Here's an idea: Don't pick just one.

9. Blazer-Vest Hybrids

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Do you remember these? The vest that was like a jacket without sleeves but could barely be buttoned? Again, it was the perfect compliment to your many tank tops in rotation.

10. Cropped Sweaters

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We were all about the crops in The Noughties — from shirts to sweaters. But the most popular seemed to be the tie-cardigans, where they hit you around the rib cage and you could knot the hems together for a casual, peasant-like look.

11. Long Skinny Scarves

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You don't need to be cold to wear one of these — simply pick up a sheer, often sequined skinny scarf, drape it artistically around your neck, make sure the ends drag on the floor, and you're set.

One can't argue that the early 2000s were our most fashionable, but they do give us some nostalgic gold. No dig out your favorite tanks and sand-blasted jeans and go down memory lane!