13 Father’s Day Memes That Are Just Too Perfect

by Meghan Bassett

It’s time to honor that one guy in your life you know and love. You know, the one who let you sneak candy at night, who taught you how to drive, and who falls asleep on the couch watching golf all day. What better way to honor this amazing man than with a collection of funny Father’s Day memes that are just too perfect for words?

I don’t know what kind of dad you all have, but mine is a very typical one. He is the guy who would spoil me rotten behind my mom’s back with extra soda, cookies, and treats. He would play Santa at Christmas for me, and he was constantly tinkering with things around the house. I was 100 percent a daddy’s girl when I was young, and I’m sure it’s not hard to imagine why. When it comes right down to it, dads are the absolute best.

There are all sorts of dads out there, but regardless of what kind of dad you have (or are), I’m sure you will understand all of these perfectly tailored Father’s Day memes. Share them with friends, and of course, share them with Dad. After all, he is the one who gave you your amazing sense of humor in the first place.

1. Reality

Being a dad isn't exactly the most relaxing job.

2. Obey the Rules

It’s good to know Dad is always watching.

3. No Presents for You

Too soon, Game of Thrones fans?

4. The Bittersweet Truth

Clearly killing it.

5. Don’t Pick On Your Kids Too Much

Just saying, it doesn’t end well.

6. Life Lessons

Darth really went the extra mile as a father, didn’t he?

7. Missing a Holiday

Where IS children’s day??

8. Puppy Love

Dogs have dads too.

9. Homemade Love

Yep, this is what all dads are really thinking when they get those homemade cards.

10. Good Morning Daddy…

*screams internally*

11. Where’s my gift?

Note to self, don’t be cheap.

12. Not-a-Father’s Day

Then there’s this guy.

13. Made It

Because there’s no one quite like dad to get through it all with.

Happy Father’s Day!

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