14 Father's Day Memes To Make You Laugh Out Loud As You Celebrate Good Old Dad

Just because you know you're going to get all sentimental and appreciative on Father's Day doesn't mean that you can't also have a laugh or two at dad's expense. (You're laughing with him... not at him.) These Father's Day memes are sure to get you giggling in no time. A little ridiculous, a little hilarious, and at times, a little inappropriate... let loose a little, and have a quick chuckle. (You already got dad that awesome tie for Father's Day anyway, remember?)

And don't get me wrong — many of these memes are actually pretty darn sweet (just wait till you see the superhero father walking down the store aisle cape and cape with his son). I guess what I'm getting at is that maybe you should pick and choose which ones you actually show to dad. Or maybe you don't show any of these to dad. Maybe you just enjoy them in private. Besides, I'm sure pops wouldn't mind 10 minutes of peace and quiet today anyway.

From Darth Vader jokes (I mean, really, how can you not?) to Grumpy Cat memes (yeah, spoiler alert, his father sucks), it's about to get really, really funny. Enjoy children — nobody's perfect, not even dad.

Darth Vader is really the ultimate father if you think about it.

... and refusing to stop for bathroom breaks. Hey, you should have gone before you left the house.


Also... truth.

Dad will never say no to a sweet set of wheels.

Dads have to put up with so much.

Well, it happens.

We've all been guilty of sending an e-card.

No caption even necessary.

Just Grumpy Cat being a grumpy cat.

He does.

Don't be this girl... please.

It's not Father's Day without the perfect Father's Day card.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there!

Images: James P. Morse, Post Memes/Flickr; MemeCenter (13)