Awkward Things You Experienced With Your Siblings

by Megan Grant

There is no bond quite like the one between siblings. You see each other at your very best, at your very worst, and for every uncomfortable moment in between. For all of the happy times with your brothers and sisters, there were also plenty of awkward things you experienced with your siblings in the '90s. Thankfully, it's all stuff we can look back on now and laugh at. "Remember how you wet the bed until you were 14? LOL." "Hilarious! But not quite as funny as your frosted lipstick and adhesive tattoos. LOL."

I feel like there's bound to be tension in any family, because siblings usually play different roles. For example, in my family, I was the dork, my sister was gorgeous, and my brother was the quiet genius. You could tell how much we loved each other by the sounds of our screaming echoing off the walls. (Just kidding. We really do love each other.)

There are few people you feel 100 percent comfortable in front of, and your siblings are often some of them. They allow you to be yourself, free from judgment. Still, I think a lot of us had just a few awkward moments with our siblings growing up in the '90s...

1. Lying About Your Brother's Frosted Tips

Sure, they look... great.

2. All Right, Who Used All The Cucumber Melon Bath And Body Works Shower Gel?

Wasn't me.

3. Matchy-Matchy Outfits

Probably punishment for using all of the Cucumber Melon Bath and Body Works shower gel.

4. Catching Your Sister Making Out With Her Hanson Poster

And she took turns with all three.

5. Posed Family Portraits

Why, Mom?

6. When Your Sister Totally Smelled Her Body Shop White Musk Perfume On You

It was an accident. You slipped and fell on the bottle.

7. That Time Your Brother Didn't Realize You Were Spying On Him Watching Showgirls

And he totally watched all the naughty parts twice.

8. Attending School Dances Together

Having to dance the Tootsee Roll with your siblings was totally awks.

9. A Wardrobe Made Of Hand-Me-Downs

Your friends always called you out as a repeat offender — they distinctly remembered your sister wearing that popcorn shirt first.

10. When You Accidentally Knocked Your Brother's Tooth Out With Your Socker Boppers

Hell, it was going to fall out anyway. Nonetheless, the 'rents weren't amused.

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