8 Charming DIY Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is the perfect time to shower your dad with love, appreciation, and sweet sentiments. While spending time with him is what matters most, making him a DIY Father's Day card won't hurt either. After all, your dad deserves something with a little extra effort, don't you think?

When you think of DIY projects, does your mind take you to perfectly finished projects, or to hours filled with glue-covered messes? Whether you fancy yourself a modern-day Martha Stewart or a frequent contributor to Pinterest Fail, cards are among the easiest DIY projects to make. Quick, simple, and beautiful, homemade cards add a personal touch to every occasion. Plus, no matter what you are able to dream up, chances are it will still be leagues better than those crusty macaroni noodle art projects you used to give Dad when you were younger.

For the dad who helped you put together your first bike, the guy who would always lend a helping hand with science projects, and the man who helped you move into your first apartment, show him you're willing to put a little effort into it, too. Not sure how? Any one of these eight DIY Father's Day cards should do the trick.

1. Rotating Card

Arts and crafts isn't just for kids. With this downloadable card from ChipperStudios on Etsy, you can feel like you're a child again when you put together this DIY personalized card featuring all your favorite things about your dad. A great nostalgic card for your old man, or a great one for your own child to make their father, it's simple, inexpensive, and totally thoughtful

2. DIY Photo Card

No matter how old you get, your dad will never get tired of getting pictures of you. Learn how to make a fun, photo-centric card with help from Sizzix on YouTube. It may look simple, but it's the kind of touching card that will bring your dad to tears.

3. DIY Leather Sketchbook

Your dad is unique, so don't give him a plain old card. Instead, try this DIY leather sketchbook from The Merrythought. You can create a personalized note and doodle for the first page, and of course, wish him a happy Father's Day.

4. Digital Photo Album Card

Head to Imprint to create a customized digital message for your dad featuring some of your favorite photos and videos you have of your old man. You can also get your other family members in on it and include some heartfelt messages from everyone.

5. DIY Coloring Hawaiian Shirt Card

If your dad is famous for his outfit choices, specifically of the Hawaiian variety, he will love this simple DIY card from KudzuMonster on Etsy that you color yourself. Easy to do, inexpensive to buy, and instantly downloadable, a personal touch doesn't get much simpler than this.

6. Shaker Card

YouTube vlogger and card designer Kristina Werner shows you how to make this fun and unique card perfect for your fisherman dad. It doesn't get much cooler than this.

7. DIY Golf Card

If your dad is a golfer, he will love this personalized card, featuring his favorite hobby and made by his favorite kid. Simply order the kit from NicolioWithLove on Etsy, and design it to fit your dad's style. Yes, it really is that easy.

8. Hand Drawn Card

Want to make a homemade card, but glitter and glue isn't your thing? Don't fear, because HowtoDrawAndPaint on YouTube can give you an easy card drawing lesson that will allow you to create the card of you and your dad's dreams.

Images: ChipperStudios; The Merrythought; Delia Creates; KudzuMonster; Imprint; NicolioWithLove