The 'Me Before You' Soundtrack Will Make You Cry

Me Before You is making sure audiences can take their tears home with them. The romantic new movie stars Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin as lovers in an adaptation of Jojo Moyes' novel. And, thanks to an official soundtrack, filmmakers have ensured that fans of the movie can't escape the love story when they leave the theater. The Me Before You soundtrack is guaranteed to make you cry and give you the feels, thanks to original songs by Jessie Ware, Imagine Dragons, and X Ambassadors, not to mention songs by Ed Sheeran (current king of the romantic ballad) and The 1975.

The official Me Before You soundtrack will be released simultaneously with the film on June 3, and that's great news for fans. If you've seen the trailer for Me Before You , then you know the movie is pretty much guaranteed to make you cry. Even the coldest of hearts is not immune to the joy and sadness of Lou (Clarke) and Will's (Claflin) love story (don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom). And, while some might hesitate at seeing a movie that might make them burst into sobs in front of complete strangers at the movie theater, others find it cathartic. If you're in the second group, you might be tempted to sit in the theater all day, and the soundtrack provides the perfect alternative.

The Me Before You soundtrack may be short — it only has nine tracks — but it is effective in evoking the emotions of the film. This is due in part to the three songs released for the film, including X Ambassadors' "Unsteady (Erich Lee Gravity Remix)," which has been heavily promoted with the film. Other original songs are a bit more hopeful in tone: there's Jessie Ware's "Till the End," which is a bit more of a hopeful love song, and Imagine Dragons' "Not Today." The three songs, along with most others from the official soundtrack, are available to listen to on Spotify, though the official album is not, so users have to create their own playlists if they want to listen to the soundtrack as is. The Me Before You soundtrack is also available in stores and on iTunes and Amazon.

If crying isn't your thing, but you still enjoy the music, don't worry, the overall mellow tones of the soundtrack makes it a great companion for work. But, if you do choose to listen to the Me Before You official soundtrack at work, beware the occasional tear. (Hey, don't say I didn't warn you.)

Images: Warner Bros.