All Of The Kanye & North West Kimojis, Ranked

While I'm still busy recovering from the onslaught of Charlie Sheen emojis (an app no one ever asked for), it's nice to cleanse my palette with some new Kanye and North West Kimojis, which really are applicable in a wide variety of text situations (plus, they just make me laugh). Because both father and daughter are known for their exaggerated facial expressions — it's clear that the adorable little North takes after her dad here — it's obvious that Kanye and North are the perfect Kimojis to express how you truly feel. Especially because their emoticon alter egos are creepily lifelike.

Truth be told, the Kanye and North Kimojis are so good that it's pretty much impossible to pick a fave. But that's exactly what I did, based mostly on the hilarity of the West-in-question's facial expression and relatability of the emoji (i.e., North West throwing up the "stop" sign is the perfect antidote to any unwanted texts, especially from a creeper).

So, without further ado, check out the complete ranking of all of the Kanye and North Kimojis below. And then be sure to send them to anyone who has ever sent you a text, ever. Go forth and clog that group chat right the eff up.

12. The Kanye "Feeling Himself" Face

When you know you look damn good.

11. North's "Oh No" Look

When you send that embarrassing text to the wrong person.

10. Kanye's Unimpressed Face

When you're underwhelmed often and AF.

9. North's Sigh Of Disapproval

When your friend did something questionable and your disappointment must be known.

8. North's Funny Face

When you're feeling silly.

7. Kanye's "I Am So Much Better Than You" Laugh

When you're laughing all the way to the bank.

6. North's Temper Tantrum

We all know this feel. When you're having an emotional breakdown — or they ran out of your favorite dessert.

5. The Kanye Stank Eye

When "WTF" are the only letters that can suffice.

4. Kanye's "Back The Eff Up" Look

When you need the paps to get outta your face.

3. North's "WTF" Pose

When this is the only way you can accurately convey your sincerest "what the actual hell" face.

2. North's "Stop" Sign

When the other person just needs to cease talking.

1. And Finally, North's Epic Side Eye

For those times when your feelings on the sitch are just written all over your face.

Images: Kimoji (12)