Whatever Happened To 'Matilda's Lavender?

There are certain movies that stand the test of time and maturity. One of those particular films? Matilda, which I can watch with the same enthusiasm and enjoyment as I did when I was a young and positively terrified of being thrown in the chokey. OK, I'll be honest, I'm still terrified of being thrown in the chokey. Unjust Trunchbull punishments aside, my point still remains. The thing is, though, as I've grown up, I've realized that despite being immortalized as children in the film, so have the actors. While I've kept tabs on Mara Wilson's life post-Matilda, I'm currently wondering, where is Kiami Davael, who played Lavender in Matilda, today?

Here's a quick Lavender refresher course for those of you who might not watch the movie every time it appears on TV like I do. She's Matilda's too-cute-for-words best friend who helped her not only with her school savvy and quick-wittedness, but with her loyalty and companionship. And, especially for the fact that she was the one to discover the infamous newt that Matilda would later attack the Trunchbull with. I still watch those scenes with baited breath and hand sanitizer ready for everyone that was involved with touching the slimey thing. Yuck.

While Davael might've left those iconic glasses, whimsical elementary school experiences, and amphibians behind, she's made a mark for herself in a different way. According to Madame Noire, she attended the University of Kentucky. And, just four years after that, she penned her very own film short entitled, Reckless in 2012, according to IMDb. Consider me all kinds of impressed with our girl Lavender.

Her Twitter bio reads, "I do a lot," and it's true. Davael, who will be 30 in August (can you believe that?!) is currently a part of the Sheet Music: The Diary of A Song Writer "project," that was released in February, where she is featured in the book and accompanying soundtrack. Sheet Music is more than just a book though, it's a show of activism.

According to the site, the book,

Aims to shed light on the sexual injustices female artists can encounter while chasing their dream of a career in the music industry. In an effort to empower these women, Sheet Music shares the story of a variety of female artists' personal experiences as well as general advice on how to cope with, and safeguard themselves against such abuse and injustice.

Davael has also shared Instagram posts of her at casting studios, running through scripts, and walking red carpets, proving that she's flexing her muscles all over the entertainment industry.

Perhaps most importantly, though, fans might be the most excited to know that the jack-of-all-trades still kept one very important thing from the Matilda set...

...her friendship with Wilson.

Image: TriStar Pictures