Here Is A Hot Shirtless Guy Dusting, For Reasons

In honor of spring cleaning, Cosmopolitan has released a video of a hot shirtless guy dusting in slow motion. I haven’t dusted in years and now I know why (it’s not laziness) — I just have been waiting for the right shirtless man to come along and clean my apartment.

Look at those abs — DAMN. Look at those arms — daaaamn. Look at the way he twirls that feather duster just so as to get between between all the nooks and crannies of the bookshelf. You have my attention, sir, and a darn cute smile — double dimple damn!

The fancy scientists say that dust is just tiny particles of dead skin, insect waste, and dirt, but he makes it look good. Watch him playfully dust his own nose, getting all that nasty grime all over his yummy face. This man is not only hot AF, but clearly knows his way around minimum-impact chores. I'd love to see this raven-haired hunk not only bust the dust, but perhaps also mop my floors, vacuum my rug, and clean my bathroom (there is a lot of mildew in there that needs attention).

Once he is done with that he can fix the leak in my sink, build my bookcase, clean out my fridge, repot my split-leaf philodendron, pick up my dry cleaning, and sort my recycling.

Phew! He'll probably be really sweaty after all that work... So he will also want to install my air conditioner, too!

Nature gave this man a baby-smooth chest and the obliques of Adonis, and Cosmo's video team put a duster in his hand. And for that, I'd like to say: thank you.

While we may not know his name, and may never hear him speak in the video, I know exactly what he would say if he could — "Are you sure you really want me to move this here?" And I'd just put my finger over his full lips playfully and reply, "I'm not paying you to talk." Then he'd say, "You're not paying me at all," and I would laugh huskily, wink, and pour myself another glass of sangria.

Some of the YouTube comments for the video are a bit negative (sorry hot guy, it’s not your fault. It’s NOT YOUR FAULT), stressing that it's not OK to objectify this poor, ripped beefcake for our passing titillation. So, dear reader, it is up to you to consider the footage and see for yourself whether you object to objectifying him:

Either way, I'm going to put off cleaning this filthy hobbit hole I call my home just a little bit longer.

Images: Cosmopolitan/YouTube