Why Did Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Break Up?

by Kaitlin Reilly

Terrible news for diehard Talvin shippers: as PEOPLE reported on Wednesday, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have allegedly broken up. (Bustle has reached out to Swift and Harris' respective reps for confirmation of this rumor, and have not heard back at this time.) News of the reported split comes just a few months after the "Blank Space" singer posted a photo of a locket with the couple's March 6 anniversary etched onto it to her Instagram, which means that this news breaking comes just a few days shy of the 15-month mark. Though we haven't seen Harris or Swift on each other's Instagram in a few weeks, news of any rumored breakup is still pretty shocking. After all, though the couple did face bizarre breakup rumors in the earlier months of their relationship, few outlets were discussing the possibility that this couple was on the rocks in recent weeks. So why would Swift and Harris allegedly break up, anyway?

Though we'll have to wait until we hear from the parties directly about the reason for the potential split, a source told PEOPLE that this alleged breakup won't be straight out of Swift's "Blank Space" video. According to PEOPLE's "insider," the rumored incident is actually nonexistent: "There was no drama. Things just don't work out sometimes." OK that's totally true, and if that really is the case, I'm thrilled that Swift and Harris can be mature enough not to turn the alleged end of their relationship into tabloid fodder. Of course, "things just don't work out" doesn't really give sad Talvin fans any closure, either. Could there be more to the story?

Given that Swift and Harris are fairly private celebs, it's possible that they have been working out a specific issue for some time and chose to support one another publicly. Right now, any reasoning for Swift and Harris' alleged split is pure speculation, so we can't assume to know why the celebrity couple decided to call it quits. Here's hoping that, if this news is true, these two remain cordial, even if they're no longer officially "Talvin."