11 Bra Hacks That You Should Know About

Anyone who has worn one knows that bras can be really, really annoying. However, there are a few bra hacks that everyone should know that will seriously change your life (or at least make it way more comfortable on a daily basis).

If your bra sometimes feels like the bane of your existence, you're definitely not alone. A study featured in The Huffington Post found that 64 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and out of those women, only 29 percent know it. This means that the majority of us are walking around needlessly uncomfortable, and we don't even know we can change it!

I've spent years in search of the perfect bra. Every now and then I get lucky and find one that works and feels the way I actually want it to, but inevitably it gets stretched with wear and tear, or my breast size changes, meaning I have to start the search anew. It can be a tiring and majorly time-consuming process, and I honestly usually put it off for way longer than I should.

If this is sounding familiar, you — like me — are likely in need of some solid bra hacks. And the good news is I've scavenged the web for the best ones out there so that you don't have to. Read on to find the top 11 bra tips that every woman should know.

1. Try Your Bra On With A T-Shirt

Plus Size Bally Total Fitness V-Neck Workout Tee, $25.99, Kohls.com

In a piece for Cosmopolitan, VIP bra-fitter Kay-Lin Richardson recommended always bringing a T-shirt to try on bras. She noted that many women, "might think a bra looks great, but then they put a T-shirt on over the top and realize it actually isn't giving them the shape they want. Or they might feel so-so about a bra and then put the T-shirt on and realize it's perfect."

2. When It Comes To Strapless, Go Down A Band Size

Maidenform Sweet Nothing Full Figure Convertible Strapless Bra, $14, Amazon

Richardson also recommended going down a band size when shopping for a strapless bra. She said that with only the band to hold up your breasts, a firm fit is extremely important, even if you wouldn't normally go that tight with a regular bra.

3. Rely On Fit, Not Size Or Brand

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In a piece for Today.com, founder of the bra and lingerie brand True&Co Michelle Lam noted that women will often look to brands or pre-determined sizes when deciding what to try on. In reality, however, cuts and sizes all vary from bra to bra, so you should always try on a variety of styles and sizes — even if you think you know your size ahead of time.

4. Invest In A Good Sports Bra

Nike Girl's Cool Hyperbra, $40, Amazon

In that same Today.com piece, Jessica Pfister of the lingerie company Le Mystere stressed the importance of investing in a good sports bra. "We hear all the time, working the industry, that girls double up on their sports bras and still don't get the support they need," said Pfister. "Having something that really locks your breasts in place and prevents movement is key. You can do a lot of damage to the ligaments in your breasts if they're bouncing uncontrollably during workouts."

5. Start With The Loosest Band Setting

Vanity Fair Beauty Back Back Full-Figure Contour Bra, $40, Amazon

In a piece for Women's Health, Susan Nethero, founder of {Intimacy} bra shops and known as the "Bra Whisperer," said to always try a bra on with the loosest band setting. "It should be on the last hook, so as the bra stretches, you can tighten it," Nethero noted.

6. Buy Multiples Of Your Favorite

Juniors Laura Ashley 2pc Floral Bra, $14.98, Boscovs.com

If you find yourself wearing a particular bra almost every day, do yourself a favor and buy multiples of it. That way you'll be able to regularly achieve the look and feel you want without wearing down your favorite. And tip: I typically don't buy multiples of a bra on the same day, no matter how much I like the fit, and generally wait a few weeks to commit to more to ensure I really love it as much as I think I do.

7. Don't Put Them In The Dryer

In that same Today.com piece, Pfister said to never put a bra in the dryer, as it will definitely stretch it out and reduce its shelf life. Instead, she recommended gently hand washing them and letting them air dry. Seriously — don't be tempted by the convenience of the machine — you'll be glad you did in the long run!

8. Replace Your Bras Every Nine Months — At Least

This might sound excessive, but according to Glamour's Executive Fashion Editor Suze Yalof Schwartz on a video segment on The Today Show, we should be replacing our bras every nine months. If you keep them for longer, Schwartz says they'll lose their elasticity, and therefor their effectiveness.

9. Don't Be Afraid To Splurge

In a piece for The Huffington Post, bra expert Elizabeth Dale noted that the higher quality the bra materials, the better the bra will be at supporting us. "Think about all the pieces that go into a bra: underwire, lace, padding, wide or thin straps, one or multiple hooks, etc. etc," she wrote. "Bras are subject to the same rules as the rest of the fashion world. Some clothes are made of higher quality fabrics or are so well-constructed, that they fit you like a glove. Others fall apart after one washing. The same holds true of bras. Cheaper materials, especially when asked to support the weight and motion of your boobs, won't wear as well."

10. Think About Bra Extenders

2-Hook Bra Extenders, $7.50, Amazon

Like a lot of people, my weight tends to fluctuate. And it's during these periods that bra extenders are an absolute life saver. They give you just a little extra length on the band, which is helpful if your cup size hasn't gone up enough to require a whole new bra purchase.

11. Take Your Time

This last one is a personal tip that I've learned through years of experience. Finding the right bra can take a while, so it's key to allow yourself plenty of time on a shopping trip. I've started blocking off an entire morning or afternoon just for the bra search, since it always takes longer than I expect.

Bra shopping doesn't have to suck. In fact, once you get down the basics, you might even start enjoying it. So go forth and be comfortable. It's about time!

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