Cutest Moments Behind The Scenes Of 'Cursed Child'

Just in case this week's nerdy bonanza of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child cast photos hasn't filled you to the brim with glee, Pottermore just released a video of the behind the scenes from the Cursed Child photo shoot — and guys, it's too precious for your eyes. Watching this, you can forget for a second that you are low key concerned about brooding Harry, high key concerned for the terror in Albus's eyes, and ridiculously, painfully concerned about Scorpius's "SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME" face. Because behind the scenes, at least, it was all magic and goodness and light. Oh, and sass. Definitely some sass.

The video also gives us a little more insight to how the characters will interact in the show, beyond the static images. We have some Ron x Hermione feels, some cute mother-son bonding between Ginny and Albus, some spot sassy spell casting from Scorpius. We even see Harry Potter (gasp!) smiling. It's enough to make you believe in magic again, and maybe further solidify your will to swim across the Atlantic to see it (don't worry, guys, I got this).

Here are some of the best moments from the behind the scenes video released on Pottermore today:


Hello, yes, I'm going back in time to prom and putting this on my 16-year-old self. #HAIRGOALS.

Sassafras Ginny Weasley

Don't mess.

Adorbs Romione Moments

Look, I don't even ship this couple, but they are so freaking cute in this video that I may have just changed my mind after nearly a decade.

Even More Adorbs Mother Son Bonding

Albus looks so #terrified in the pictures, it's nice to know that one parent isn't screaming "doomsday" with their eyes into the camera.

Smiley Harry


Baby Hermione I Mean Rose

She's got a big old Weasley grin in the official cast photo, but here she looks more like Hermione than ever.


OK, OK, I'm calm. But I'm also just saying: the first person to make a Pinterest tutorial of this may have my hand in marriage.

Now brace yourselves, everyone, because I saved the best for last ...

The Infamous Harry Potter Side Eye

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Here's the full video below:

To learn more about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, visit their official website here.

Images: YouTube