Miss Hawaii USA Wins First Runner-Up

After that crazy mishap with the wrong name being called during Miss Universe, it makes sense for there to be extra attention on which woman is selected as the first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant. Sure, that was a major blunder, but it definitely revived the curiosity in this beauty pageant franchise. Not only that, but now it seems like there is a lot of attention focused on the Miss USA pageant's first runner-up. After a long night of competition it ended up coming down to Miss Hawaii USA, Chelsea Hardin, and Deshauna Barber who was Miss District of Colombia USA. Miss District of Colombia USA ended up taking the title and Miss Hawaii USA got pretty close as the runner-up. No one was shocked that Miss D.C. won. Barber had a lot of appeal as a commander in the United States Army. She was very well-spoken, and she was obviously gorgeous.

Nevertheless, Miss D.C. is not the only one who did a great job in the competition. Sure, Miss Hawaii did not win the whole thing, but it definitely took a lot for her to get to this point. Plus getting second place out of 52 contestants is no small feat. Aside from the Miss USA journey specifically, I'm sure that she has been working toward this for many years on top of all the preliminary pageants that it took for her to make it to Miss USA.

Miss Hawaii should be very proud!