15 Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorials To Try

If you, like myself, can't justify spending $2.99 a month on Kim Kardashian's app to watch all her glam squad makeup tutorial videos, finding the best makeup tutorials on YouTube — more specifically, the best glitter eye makeup tutorials — is a God send. With beauty vloggers being followed and adored more than ever, it only makes sense to subscribe to your favorites and hope for looks that you'll want to recreate.

What's probably easier though, is finding a handy list of all the best videos of a certain type. Ones that teach you how to pull off glitter eyeshadow, for example. Or which glitter eye products are the best for the look you're trying to create, even if your budget is strictly drugstore makeup only.

Hopefully in this list, you'll find an answer to all your questions regarding glitter eye makeup. Be it an outlandish club kid look you're going for, or something that you can wear to the grocery store without getting stared at, there's a whole range of different makeup looks in this list. Something to suit everybody's taste and skill level, I would hope.

Or maybe you're just looking for some new vloggers to subscribe to, because half of these artists I adore just as much for their personalities as their skills.

1. Smokey Bronze

Some people are into gold, others are strictly silver, and, for anyone truly adventurous with their metallics, there's always bronze!

2. Pretty Purple

Doing perfect winged eyeliner is a struggle on the best of days, let alone paired with such a pretty purple glitter shadow. This tutorial takes skill, but this artist makes it look oh so simple.

3. Glitter Tears

Not for the faint of heart, this tutorial by Jordan Hanz takes glitter eye makeup and runs with it. Like literally, running down your cheeks with it.

4. Brown And Gold

Gold and brown have been a good color combination since pretty much forever, so no wonder they make such a gorgeous eye makeup look.

5. From The Drugstore

This glitter eye makeup tutorial with all drugstore products to proves that you can achieve high glam on any budget.

6. Cut Crease

Combining the powerful statement of a cut crease with glitter makes for a bold, beautiful look.

7. Silver Sparkles

And for anyone veering away from gold or bronze, here's the silver glitter eyeshadow tutorial you've been longing for.

8. Something Softer

If you're looking for daytime glitter more than party looks, this tutorial is the one for you!

9. Barbie Girl

Is there anything more Barbie than perfect glitter eyeshadow? I think not.

10. Dark And Mysterious

In this video, makeup pro Jeffree Star proves that glitter makeup can be just as dark and interesting as any smokey eye.

11. The Ultimate Cat Eye

Nikkie made it big time when her makeup shaming video went viral and outside of her pro-self confidence politics, this vlogger makes amazing makeup tutorials. This glitter is more shimmery, but goes a long way in making this cat eye look stand out.

12. Pretty In Pink

Pink is my favorite of all glitter colors I think you can see why based on this video.

13. Intense Colors

Not only does this tutorial involve a whole load of glitter, but there's a purple cut crease, which doesn't sound like it would look good, but totally stuns.

14. Eyeliner On Fleek

Pixiwoo takes your winged eyeliner and pimps it out with crystals. It's just a bit more original than your average sparkly eyeshadow.

15. All Glitter Everything

Why stop at glitter eye makeup? Why not go for glitter brows and crystal tears too? RuPaul's Drag Race alumni Miss Fame is adored for makeup skills and luckily for us, this queen puts makeup tutorials on YouTube on the regular.

By watching videos like this not only will you be able to recreate amazing glitter makeup looks, but you'll pick up the skills to be able to experiment and create your own. Which is what all makeup is about, when you come down to it.

Images: Jeffree Star/YouTube (1)