Vlogger Explains Why Makeup Shaming Is The Worst

by Jessica Willingham

Oh, snap. One YouTube beauty vlogger has some words for anyone who wants to talk smack about women who wear makeup. Makeup, she argues, is about having fun and making mistakes, not impressing men or hiding insecurities. Beauty vlogger Nikkie talks makeup shaming and showed the power of makeup in a recent video, and went on a much-needed rant about makeup shaming.

"Makeup shaming" is the real jerk-off idea that women wear makeup to impress others, because they're insecure, or because they aren't naturally beautiful. Nikkie is not having it.

The professional makeup artist uploaded "The Power of MAKEUP!" video to her YouTube channel NikkieTutorials and set some things straight.

“I have been noticing a lot lately that girls have been almost ashamed to say they love makeup," she said "Nowadays when you say you love makeup you either do it because you wanna look good for boys, you do it because you’re insecure or you do it because you don’t love yourself.”

Preach, girl. Nikkie is a makeup goddess, wearing enough paint to make RuPaul jealous. Yet, she also shows off a bare face on her channel. She's hilariously honest about transformative power of makeup, and warns viewers from taking it too far with Kylie Jenner's lip challenge or over contouring. Spending just a few minutes on her channel and you can see she is having fun, bare or full face, and empowering viewers to do the same.

In her "power of makeup video," she uses eyeshadow to make her eyes look bigger, fills in her brows, and makes her "double chin" disappear with contouring. She seems unemotional about these areas, probably in the same way I'm unemotional about my soft stomach. It it what it is, yo, and I do what I can.

“I just want people to know that makeup is fun and there are no rules to make and if you wanna go super ass sharp-contour for the day, do it," she said.

More or less, do what makes you feel good about you. That's some body positive talk if I've ever heard it. Plus, it takes some courage and confidence to attempt a winged liner, wipe that hot mess off and try again until you can rock it in public.

"By no means do I want to say if you have insecurities you should slap makeup on and feel better and just never be content with yourself," she said. "Makeup is there for days when you want to look hella good."

In the same way we wear clothes that make us feel good and do our hair to look glamorous, makeup is really meant for the wearer. It is also deeply individual. Our experiences with makeup, and motivations for wearing it, are as diverse and personal as our eye shapes or length of our eyelashes.

So let's chill with the makeup shame, shall we? We would never (I hope) ridicule a woman for the choices she makes with her body or beauty routine.