12 Quirky Gifts To Get People Who Are Hard to Shop For

It's the day before your friend's birthday party or housewarming party or (insert reason for party here), and you still haven't gotten anything. Why? Because knowing what gifts to get people who are hard to shop for is a difficult task. You're freaking out because, let's be real, you can't show up empty-handed. Fear not, because there are some thoughtful ideas for people impossible to shop for.

Everyone has friends who are hard to buy for. They either always seem to have everything, or they are always insisting that they don't need anything new. It makes going to the store or browsing online an absolute nightmare. You're either sitting there staring at the computer screen, or wandering down aisle after aisle, giving yourself a headache because you can't figure out what to get them. While you're doing this, you might as well start to look outside the box. Why not get them a gift that might be a little more quirky and unexpected?

So, what do you get for the person who is hard to shop for? Give them something that will make them smile immediately after ripping into the wrapping that you spent so much time on. Get them something that they can put on their desk or on their shelf, so that the next time they look at it, they think, "That was a great present."

For The One Who Loves Pizza

Bicycle Pizza Cutter, $14, Amazon

If your friend loves to spend time in the kitchen, you might as well give them something that they can use in there. But, you should still make it fun. Make cutting a pizza even better with this cheeky bicycle pizza-cutter. It's not only a decorative piece, but it comes with a functional stand, allowing your friend to keep it on their countertop for those impromptu pizza parties.

For The Entertainer

Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book, $12, Amazon

There's always one person in a group who is the entertainer. Give them a chance to make their next party more fun. This would make an awesome housewarming present, and leave the host's guests never feeling bored in the bathroom ever again. With room to doodle and multiple choice questions like, "Song that best describes this bathroom visit," (choices include "More than a feeling" and "Push it"), as well as a section devoted to whether or not you peeked in the medicine cabinet, this bathroom guestbook is a perfect conversation starter.

For The One Who Always Complains About Their Job

50 Jobs Worse Than Yours by Justin Racz, $15, Amazon

Everyone complains about their job at least once in their lives. And then there are the people who are always complaining about it. Give them a laugh with a book that shares the story of the person who operates the "It's A Small World" ride at Disney World, along with 49 others. This satirical, yet factual book will leave you laughing as well as provide you with insight into some jobs that sound pretty intense (NYPD Harbor Unit: Body Recovery Detail). With any luck, your friend will stop complaining.

For The SciFi Movie Buff

Star Wars Kitchen Timer, $19, Amazon

Stick with the classics for the person in your life who is always quoting old movies...excuse me, films. Give them a taste of nostalgia by giving them a replica of one of their favorite characters from their favorite series. One user said that this R2-D2 Kitchen Timer was, "a great collectors item." A functional present is always even better when it takes the shape of something that you love.

For The One Who Loves #TBT

Fleece Twister Picnic Blanket, $25, Amazon

Do you know someone who is always reminiscing about their childhood? They constantly post #tbt photos on Instagram of "the good ol' days." Help treat their nostalgia with a gift that they can bring anywhere and that helps remind them of playing as a kid. With waterproof backing, you can bring this blanket to the park without worrying about it getting ruined. (Bonus: It even comes with a keychain spinner.)

For The Competitive One

Desktop Cornhole Bean Bag Game, $13, Amazon

There is always at least one person in your life who loves to make everything competitive. Getting good grades in school, running next to people on the treadmill and inadvertently racing them, knowing mundane information — the list goes on and on. They can also be especially hard to shop for (gift-giving should never be a competition!). Well, now they can play a nice game of corn hole in the office, on an airplane, or wherever they can find a flat surface and get in a bit of healthy competition, no matter where they are.

For The One Who Loves Happy Hour

Wine Wipes, $9, Amazon

If you have someone in your life who loves to go to happy hour or loves to drink wine, buy them something they can use (but may not have thought of buying for themselves). They'll be wiping away the reddish/purplish tint from their teeth that wine can sometimes leave. The days of having to smile with no teeth after a few glasses of red are long over with these amazing wine wipes. Plus, they come in an adorable tin that your friend can throw into their pocket or purse.

For The Artsy One

Mustard Instant Coasters, $12, Amazon

Gone are the days when boring coasters were scattered over tables. Now give the artistic person in your life an opportunity to put their photography on display in these glass polaroid style coasters. Simply slide a photo into the glass, and you'll instantly (no pun intended) have a set of customized polaroid coasters. They are a great gift because they can be changed over and over again.

For The World Traveler

Flight 001 Safety Passport Holder, $20, Amazon

Do you have a friend who is always jet setting somewhere new? Is their passport the most important thing that they own, and is it almost full? Then give them a good laugh the next time they take it out and hand it to the person at the check-in desk. Provide them with much-needed comedy before a long haul flight with a comic strip that features a satirical take on flying (under one drawing of the inflatable slide, it says, "Let everyone use slide before you have a second turn.").

For The One Who Loves Dogs

Kikkerland Dog Butts Animal Magnets, $11, Amazon

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with their dog. You know the one. They bring their dog everywhere they go. They work in a dog friendly office, just so their best friend can go with them. They spend their weekends at the dog park. Give that friend a chance to decorate their fridge with something that will remind them of how much they love their pet.

For The Daredevil

OUCH! Plasters - Comic Strips, $6, Amazon

Is one person in your life always sharing stories about past adventures that seem a little bit extreme to you? They are always talking about a crazy hike that they went on, or how they went skydiving or that they drove motorcycles for hundreds of miles. Get them something to bring them down to earth — give them something funny, like novelty bandages — just in case.

For The One Who Says, "No Gifts"

Assorted Food Erasers, $7, Amazon

Some people don't like presents!! (I know, I don't get it either). So instead of spending a ton of money, get them something cute and fun that no one else will have. Just because it's a small gift doesn't mean the person opening it won't smile. These little food erasers are adorable and are functional and great desk decorations. As always, it's the thought that counts.

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