8 Memes Celebrating National Cheese Day

Happy weekend, ladies and gentlemen. Though it may not appear in your smartphone calendar, this fine Saturday is a special one: June 4 is National Cheese Day. And because the only thing the internet loves more than cheese is memes, I thought it only apropos to track down some cheese memes in celebration. And I'll even up the stakes — these cheese memes are the cheesiest on the old internet machine, because if a cheese meme isn't cheesy, then I don't even know what we're doing here anymore. Cheeseception!

Anyway, from wheels to slices, crumbles to pools, Asiago to Zamorano, cheese seems like it's universally loved. On this National Cheese Day, take a moment to appreciate that in this country, there is nary a stone left unturned in the culinary universe upon which cheese has not been at least auditioned as an appropriate topping. This is a country where you can have a cheese pizza with a cheese-stuffed and cheese-crusted crust delivered to pretty much any city or suburban dwelling in 30 minutes or less or it's free #GodBlessAmerica. Even the lactose intolerant, which total a whopping 60 to 75 percent of adults on the planet (only about 25 percent in the United States), can safely eat some of the harder, longer-aged cheeses, so National Cheese Day is pretty inclusive thanks to the magical luck of enzyme concentrations and fat solubility.

Let's get cheesy, shall we? I mean, the president agrees.

All the single ladies out there, Ryan Gosling has some great ideas for National Cheese Day.

Me too, Regina. Me too.

Don't look at me. It was probably the puppy.

Have fun singing this in the shower later.

I promised you cheese, so embrace the cheese.

This guy has a fishy sense of humor.

Say cheeeeese!

Happy National Cheese Day, America.

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