Glossier's Haloscope Highlighters Come In Two Hues

Glossier is growing and glowing. Glossier's Phase 2 makeup set, which boasts concealer, brow pomade, and lipstick, just got better. The GP2 set is already a simple, but effective collection that emphasizes skin first and makeup second. The easy-use products are light, comfortable, and enhance your natural beauty. Glossier just added Haloscope, a dew effect highlighter, to its offerings. There are two shades so you can get that healthy, dewy glow in two hues. What colors are the Glossier Haloscope highlighters?

Pink and bronze, baby! There is Quartz, which is one of the Pantone Colors of the Year, mind you. This stick will add pearlescent sheen to your cheekbones, lids, cupid's bow, or wherever you chose to swipe it. Then there is Topaz, which will impart a sun-kissed, golden glow safely. Both shades are made to look maj on light or dark skin tones. #Universal.

Haloscope comes in a push-up stick and can be applied with little-to-no blending. That means it's a perf product for lazy girls. Haloscope makes highlighting features, such as your lids and your temples, insanely simple. You can now shop Haloscope at the Glossier site, as each of the highlighters retail for $22, are sold separately, and are on sale today, June 6.

Haloscope, $22, Glossier

The stick itself has an outer halo infused with genuine crystal extracts so you can glow all day and into the night! The solid inner core is packed with vitamin-heavy moisturizers, like coconut and sweet almond oils. That equals hydrated, dewy, and sexy skin.

The peeps at Glossier even provided a nifty face map, pointing out the proper face real estate on which to apply Haloscope. You can dab the product in the inner corners of your eyes, the outer corners, or the cupid's bow for a dewy, healthy sheen. You can apply straight from the stick, with your fingers, or use a concealer brush if you want to build the glow or be a little more creative.

You could also dab Haloscope on your lids!

It's such a natural glow. Dewy skin is so, so in. I love how Haloscope looks on the outer halo.

I have been playing with the Haloscopes since they landed on my desk as press samples. I use my fingertips to tap and disperse the product onto my face and to blend any post-app edges. But I found an even better technique, as suggested by the Glossier team.

I slide my pinky fingertip over the surface of the stick and then dot in those tiny, hard-to-reach spots, such as the cupid's bow and the inner corners of my eyes, which pop thanks to Haloscope. The stick itself is too big to use in those spots without having to clean up a post-application mess. I find the tip of my pinky to be the most effective application tool!

Happy shopping the Quartz or Topaz Haloscope.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (6)