If The 'RHONY' Cast Were 'SATC' Characters...

Are you a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, or Samantha? That's one question fans of Sex and the City have been answering for eons and if you were to ask the cast of the Real Housewives of New York City, I'm sure they'd all argue over who they are, too. It's a good thing that I'm here to settle that battle for them. I mean, who isn't wondering about which Sex and the City characters the Real Housewives of New York would be, especially since Luann de Lesseps declared herself "the Samantha" of the group during that huge blowout with Bethenny Frankel at Dorinda Medley's house in the Berkshires. I hate to break it to The Countess, but she is definitely not Samantha Jones.

That said, I do thank Luann for bringing up the SATC reference, because I'm sure it got most RHONY fans thinking about which Housewife is Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, or another beloved character from the HBO series. Really, most of the cast members could qualify as more than one character, but I'm going to match each Housewife with only one SATC character. I'm sure there will be some fans who don't agree with my match-ups, but everyone sees things differently. So, if you have a bone to pick with me over the following, oh well.

With that, let's get to it.

Carole Is Carrie

Like Carrie, Carole is the star of RHONY. Plus, the two have a lot in common. Not only do they both have unique ways of staying fit and healthy (see gifs), but they both never fail to surround themselves with very attractive men. They both stick to their guns and don't apologize for who they are, especially if it comes to dating a younger man or someone society (or a friend) doesn't agree with. Of course, the biggest similarity is they are both writers, so, obviously Carole is the Carrie of RHONY.

Sonja Is Samantha

Does this one really even need an explanation? Even though Luann thinks she is the Samantha, that title goes to her bestie, Sonja. Like Samantha, Sonja puts herself out there in the dating world, she loves to have a lot of sex and doesn't apologize for it, and she could really care less what anyone else thinks of her. Plus, everyone agrees that they are both hilarious, right? I'd love to see these two hang out and talk about their sex lives.

Bethenny Is Miranda

Yes, Bethenny and Miranda are one in the same in a lot of ways. They are both mothers who not only love their children unconditionally, but also their work. Miranda is a force as a lawyer, and the same can be said for Bethenny who built her impressive and successful SkinnyGirl brand from the ground up. They are also two of a kind when it comes to not holding back their opinions, telling their friends exactly how they feel, or letting the world know they will never back down no matter what. To boot, Bethenny and Miranda are both proud to be powerful women.

Luann Is Charlotte

When RHONY first started, you might say that Luann and Charlotte had more in common than they do today. Charlotte is both prim and proper, much like when fans first met The Countess. Now, in Season 8, Luann has definitely let her hair down, especially when it comes to having sex and dating. Remember, Charlotte loved sex, too, just as much as Luann. Overall, they're biggest similarity has to be how much they both love to be in love, married, and be part of a fairy tale romance.

Jules Is Aidan

With Jules being the new Housewife, she might be hard for fans to get used to. The same can be said for Aidan, who almost ended up with Carrie. Next to Mr. Big, it may be hard for SATC viewers to root for Aidan, whereas others love him. That's kind of similar to Jules, who I feel like is someone fans are totally loving or are really hoping is gone after Season 8. Jules and Aidan both try to avoid the drama and tension, but the are truly alike when it comes to family. Remember when Aidan and Carrie almost settled down? Yeah, his views on family were pretty traditional. As a wife and mother of two, Jules is dedicated to her family and raising her kids the best way she can.

Dorinda Is Stanford

Let's face it, both Dorinda and Stanford are proud, witty, and colorful in all areas of their lives. Plus, they both like to give advice when it comes to their friends. Remember everything Stanford told Carrie? The same can be said for Dorinda, who isn't afraid to tell her friends when they're wrong and how they should be acting, especially at one of her parties. I can only imagine the advice Dorinda and Stanford would give each other.

Ramona Is Anthony

Anyone else picturing Anthony and Ramona hanging out together? Now that'd be beyond entertaining. I mean, one word comes to mind when I think of them: loud. And when it comes to speaking their minds, they do it all the time, even when someone didn't ask for their opinions. Seriously, they are the same person.

Really, the RHONY ladies are the real-life versions of the SATC cast. If the show were still on, I wonder who Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha would identify with on RHONY?

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