Is Drake Rapping To Someone On "For Free"?

Just when you thought you could slink out to your balcony with a glass of Rosé and start your weekend early, everyone and their dad started releasing music. Now we have to figure something out — who is Drake's new song "For Free" about? I should say, right off the bat, that technically it's DJ Khaled's song. But pretty much the entire content is Drake, minus a little bookending by Khaled at the beginning and end, so let's just treat this as a Drake track, shall we? Like so many Drake songs before it, "For Free" — or, ahem, "F**k Me For Free," which is its full name, sorry, Dad — speaks directly to a nameless woman. Drake unburdens his problems to her, and as per usual, it's a lot of angst about sex and the having of it or the not having of it. Hey, the dude's consistent.

But, while I can usually puzzle out who Drake is likely to be singing about, whether it's Nicki Minaj in "Keep the Family Close," or the Canadian rapper's ex-girlfriend Zineb "Nebby" Samir in "Hotline Bling," this time around it's a little more cryptic. If I had to guess, the reason it's tougher to puzzle out is that "For Free" is directed more generally at the women who are in Drake's life for a moment, have a brief sexual relationship with him, and then are gone and on their way, without emotions getting involved. The song describes a purely sexual relationship or relationships plural, as he refers to not just one woman but multiple women in an early verse:

I got girls that I shoulda made pay for itGot girls that I should made wait for itGot girls that'll cancel a flight back homeStay another day for it

Drake seems to have a certain type of woman in mind whom he's singing to, women who are interested in him "for the wrong reasons," to quote The Bachelor, and that he maybe wishes he hadn't hooked up with. One thing's for sure, though, he's not getting too involved, as he makes it clear he's been there, done that:

And, yeah, I need it all right nowLast year I had drama, girl not right nowI was never gon' chat what we talkin' aboutYou the only one I know could fit the d*ck in your mouth

Oh, Drake. After a line like that, I can only hope that he doesn't have a specific woman in mind, because this song is pretty insulting to her. It seems much more likely that it's directed at hangers-on in general, who find themselves asking whether... um... the sex is so good with Drake that they shouldn't have to "f*ck for free." Sorry again, Dad.

I know you workin' day and night to get a college degreeBet nobody that you've been with even know you a freak, right?You know you only do that with me, right?Yeah, double checkin' on youYou know I never put the pressure on youYou know that you make your own mind upYou know what it was when you signed up

So, yes, again, lots of signs here and throughout the entire song that this isn't a serious thing, so I would've been surprised if there had been little clues pointing us to a specific person. If things with this woman or women are so casual that she "knew what it was when she signed up" and they don't even talk, really, then it wouldn't have made much sense for Drake to write a whole song about her.

So if you were hoping for more details about Drake's personal life, or specifically his dating life, sorry to say, but you're gonna have to wait for his next track. For now, it looks like he's just out there having a good time, not ready to settle down with anybody special.

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