Khloe K. Uses This Weird Product For Strong Nails

by Augusta Statz

The Kardashians have strong nail games, and they don't let us forget it. They’re constantly posting their fresh manis to social media, but how do they take care of their nails when they’re constantly coating them with polish and acrylics? Well, now you can find out how exactly how one of them does it. Khloé Kardashian shared her tip to getting strong nails, and the product she’s using will surprise you.

This isn’t your average nail or cuticle cream. Oh no, this is some high-strength stuff. She mentions on her website that her go-to Barielle nail cream was originally created for horse hooves. And one look at the brand’s about page will prove her right. The cream was originally formulated to keep horse hooves from breaking or splitting. It’s since been reformulated for human use, but the effects are the same. Strong, non-brittle healthy-looking nails.

The best part is that you don’t have to go without polish to see the benefits. According to their website, using this twice a day on your nails (painted or no) will help you see major results. Kardashian says she keeps this stuff in her car, in her gym bag and basically wherever she goes. Because, apparently, it’s just that good.

It certainly is an odd thing to think that this was originally created for horses, but since it uses all-natural oils to treat your nails in a way that’s not harsh, I’m thinking this may be worth a try!

I'm more than willing to take Kardashian's word that this really works.

Especially when her nails look this good.

I'd do whatever I needed to in order to keep my manicure looking this good 24/7.

Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream, $17, Barielle

If it's this cream that'll get my nails on a Kardashian-level, then so be it. Adding this to my cart as we speak!

I feel you, Khlo.

Images: Courtesy Barielle (1); Giphy (1)