Questions For The 'PLL' Season 7 Premiere Photos

In just under 20 days, the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars will air. Now, I am certain that you, fellow PLL head, are excited to get back to Rosewood and figure out who or what winds up in a ditch, but are you ready? Are you sure you are ready? Because while it is one thing to be amped about seeing Aria and Hanna and Spencer and Emily and Alison and Caleb and Toby and Ezra and the rest of the crew on the small screen once again (three months without the Liars is three months too many!), it is an entirely different thing to be ready for the mayhem that is bound to ensue. I, for one, don't know if I'll ever be fully emotionally prepared for all of the drama and suspense and twists and the pretty and the little and the lies. I mean, if the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 premiere photos below are any indication of what's to come, we. Are. In. For. It.

Wait wait wait! Before you close the browser window out of fear of seeing a spoiler, do not worry. These pictures really don't give away too much. But do you know what these pictures will do? Leave you with a mountain of questions. Here are just a few of the things I found myself muttering out loud to no one while I scrolled through the Season 7 premiere stills.

Whose Closet Is This?

What are Aria and Ezra up to this time? Are they looking for Uber A? Are they hiding from Uber A? Or is this their new cozy writing nook?

Will Dr. Rollins Find Ezria?

And are Ezria onto Dr. Rollins's evil scheme?

Who Or What Stops Aria In Her Tracks?

Is the "ghost" of Wilden skulking about Rosewood again?

What's This Ratty Document All About?

Does Spencer find anything worthwhile? Or does she just wind up with a gnarly paper cut?

Mary Drake Introduces Herself To Spencer?

What does Mary say? "Hi, I'm Jessica DiLaurentis's secret twin who you've never heard of. I'll explain later. Won't you invite me, a perfect stranger, in for tea?" And is Spencer like, "Yeah, that doesn't seem the least bit suspect, come on in"?

What Do They Chat About Over Tea?

Does Mary Drake tamper with the tea? Does our unfailingly intuitive Spencer detect something is not right about this lady? Or does Mary Drake pull one over on Spencer?

How's Alison Doing?

Like Emily, I am v. worried about the Liars' former adversary.

Does Dr. Rollins Tell Emily All Of The Lies, Or Just A Few?

I assume it's the former.

Who Is Toby Flashing His Badge At?

Could... it... be? Is it... ? Is it Uber A?!?!?!?!

Ready or not, here it comes: PLL Season 7 will premiere on June 21 on Freeform.

Images: Eric McCandless/Freeform (8)