The Liars Dig A Hole In The 'PLL' Season 7 Trailer

Rosewood’s prettiest and littlest liars are back, and you better believe there is plenty of mischief and mystery afoot. On Thursday, the trailer for the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars hit Instagram, and in classic PLL style, the clip raises approximately one bajillion questions. Now, I hate to play favorites, but there is one question that I simply cannot leave be: Who and/or what are the Liars burying in the PLL Season 7 trailer?

In the preview, we see a frazzled Spencer, a frazzled Emily, and a frazzled Aria digging a frazzled ditch out in the middle of the woods. It’s unclear exactly what it is they are up to, but one of the shovel-wielding ladies utters something that implies all is not well with the Liars of Rosewood.

“It was a well-thought-out plan,” Spencer says as she jams the garden tool into the soil, “but when it ends like this, it’s called murder.”

Uh oh. Does she mean that figuratively, or did the Liars murder-murder someone? Who or what is in that ditch? Who or what are the Liars burying?

List out some guesses? Why, I thought you'd never ask:

  • Elliott Rollins
  • Mary Drake
  • Sara Harvey
  • Lesli Stone
  • Uber A (...whoever that is)
  • All of the masks that've ever been part of the show
  • The chunk of handle missing from Melissa's suitcase
  • The Radley Hotel wall filing cabinet
  • Their cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices (maybe they decide to go off the grid to escape Uber A once and for all?)
  • Ashley Marin’s secret pasta box stash
  • Ezria’s novel
  • Photos of Haleb
  • Photos of Spaleb
  • Photos of Spaleb and Haleb
  • The keys to Lucas’s scary Smart House apartment
  • The Brew lockbox that holds Ezra’s apartment keys and who knows what else
  • Mikey Montgomery's broken free weight stand
  • More shovels

Pick one guess? Here goes: I think the Liars are burying broken, "murdered" shovels.

...Ah, you caught me. That guess was a goof. Now, if I actually had to put real money on who or what the Liars lower into a shallow grave, I'd probably go with Sara Harvey. Just a hunch. Maybe she, I don't know, gets in the way of one of the Liars' many schemes and there are fatal consequences? And if the Liars do kill Sara, it'd be an accident; This is Pretty Little Liars, not Pretty Little Cold-blooded Murderers.

Aughhhhh. The suspense of it all! Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will premiere on June 21 on Freeform.

Image: Eric McCandless/Freeform