Looks Like Bieber's Headed To Trial

Get ready to see some more Justin Bieber legal drama in the news. For an incident that occurred in January and led to his arrest, Justin Bieber pled not guilty for a DUI charge. Reportedly, Bieber could have accepted a plea deal which would require six to nine months of random drug testing and could also include community service, attending a DUI panel to hear stories from victims of drunk drivers, and an alcohol education course. This was thought to be the case, but it appears Bieber and his lawyer have changed their minds. According to sources involved with the case, Bieber (or Bieber's lawyer, rather) will not accept any plea with "probationary terms."

So now, with Bieber's not guilty plea, he will likely end up going to trial and in the worst case scenario could end up with jail time. This sounds unlikely, for one, because it's tough to imagine Justin Bieber actually getting locked up — he'd probably get released due to "overcrowding" immediately — but also because some of the evidence in the case is a little shaky. Allegedly, one of the police officers who arrested Bieber may have lied about smelling alcohol on his breath and while Bieber was said to be drag racing, he was reported to be going only 27 miles per hour.

It's hard to know what exactly is going on here with the trial not yet started and no date set, but don't expect this to be the end of it. With Bieber's past (two arrests during the same week in January) and his apparent need to not be on probation, it wouldn't be surprising if even more legal trouble comes his way before this case is even decided.