18 Inspiring Images To Honor Muhammad Ali

by Ashani Jodha

The world has lost one of the greatest athletes of all time. Muhammad Ali tragically died on June 3 at Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, at the age of 74. During his legendary life, Ali not only fought inside the boxing ring, but he also fought a war against prejudice, injustice, and inhumanity. It was this that made him a cultural icon, and his loss such a devastating one. It's only fitting then that, in the wake of his death, the world remember the man behind the boxing gloves and carry on the legacy with inspiring images of Muhammad Ali to share on social media.

Because of his immense triumph and bravery during a time including everything from the Vietnam war to assassinations to riots in American cities to key events in American history books that intertwined with Ali, memories associated with the towering idol honor his inspirational past. He was an inspiration for so many, in and out of the boxing ring.

In the wake of his death, Ali will always be memorialized as one of the most celebrated athletes in history, so to honor the everlasting imprint he left on a community of people, here are 18 inspiring images to share on social media to never forget the hero that is Muhammad Ali:

1. Sharing His Laughter And Smile

After defeating Archie Moore in a fight in Los Angeles in 1962, Ali shared a rare smile, as seen in the photo above. Leading up to the fight, he had offered one of his more hilarious quotes, according to Times Free Press, "Archie's been living off the fat of the land. I'm here to give him his pension plan. When you come to the fight don't block the door. 'Cause you'll all go home after round four." It was an exceptional moment that sparked Ali into recognition and allowed for a lighter memory in later dark moments.

2. Sharing His Affinity For Music

On Sept. 22, 1974, Ali and Etta James sat down in Zaire during a musical festival to relish in some piano playing. According to Time, it's a moment that photographer Lynn Goldsmith says was to promote cultural and racial solidarity between African-American and African people. "Often after a day of training at his camp, Ali would hang out with some ... musicians. His strong charismatic personality overwhelmed them. He always took control over the room because he was the Greatest. The only exception was with Etta," Goldsmith said.

3. Sharing His Powerful Words

Ali was known for his uplifting quotes that carry on his legacy of greatness and fight beyond the ring.

4. Sharing His Triumph

Because this photo screams, "I won."

5. Sharing His Love For Family

Though his love for boxing was insurmountable, Ali's love for his children was clearly the greatest passion he had.

6. Sharing His Legacy

We did lose a superhero.

7. Sharing His Inspiration

Like his powerful fists, his inspiration will live on forever.

8. Sharing His Pride For Religion

In 1964, Ali converted to the Nation of Islam. He said, at the time, according to The Independent: “Cassius Clay is a slave name. I didn’t choose it and I don’t want it. I am Muhammad Ali, a free name — it means beloved of God, and I insist people use it when people speak to me."

9. Sharing His Kindness

Simply put, this photo says it all.

10. Sharing His Fights

In 2003, this image of Ali knocking out Cleveland Williams in 1966 was voted the greatest sports image of all time by The Observer. I think we'd all agree.

11. Sharing His Social Achievements

Ali was known to be outspoken about racial barriers and struggles — not only was he a proud Muslim, he was a proud black man, too.

12. Sharing The Fame

Often regarded as the most famous photo of Ali ever taken, it's hard not to share his the boxer's victory that holds such prestige and acclaim. It's a beautiful way to remember him.

13. Sharing His Story

Because it is iconic.

14. Sharing The Legend

No words.

15. Sharing A Message

Ali was offered a star on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame," however, he rejected it, saying, "I bear the name of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, and it is impossible that I allow people to trample over his name." His response granted him the only star not on the ground.

16. Sharing Justice

Anyone else have chills?

17. Sharing Love

Because there really is nothing else.

18. Sharing The Grief

This one hurts.

You will be missed, always and forever Ali.