What's The Full-Face Highlighter Challenge?

From nontouring to strobing, it seems like the beauty world can't get enough of the glowing, dewy look of highlighters. And now we're upping the ante with something called the full-face highlighter challenge. It all started with one beauty vlogger uploading her tutorial for a diamond-bright face with illuminating products, and then other beauty vloggers took up the test and recreated it with their own flourishes and ideas, turning it into a challenge of sorts.

POPSUGAR reported how it all started, "Eighteen-year-old beauty blogger Mariya Lyubashevskaya recently uploaded a tutorial of her contouring her entire face using only highlighters. Layering with several different illuminating products resulted in an ethereal, glowing-goddess-like look."

And it gained traction when other big name beauty gurus tired it out for themselves. POPSUGAR explained, "The full-face highlighter trend didn't quite start off as a challenge, but soon after Jeffree Star put out a video trying Mariya's method, others including Nikkie and Jessica Harlow have followed with their own tutorials."

Beauty blogger Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials put in her motivation for attacking the look, saying, "Who isn’t obsessed with highlighters?! I always thought I looked pretty damn glowy on a regular, but after seeing Mariya’s full face using only highlighters video I knew I had to step up my game! Let the glow commence!"

Look Magazine simplified what the challenge is all about, stating, "The challenge is pretty self-explanatory — it is simply about creating a full face of make-up, but switching out ALL of your products for highlighters instead." It might seem easy enough, but you can go from glowing to looking oily in a blink of an eye. So how do you avoid that fate?

Look thinks it's all about the technique. They explained why Nikkie's look works so well, offering, "She cleverly used different shades of highlighter to essentially ‘contour’ her face and create a gorgeously sculpted and radiant look. You could almost get away with wearing her look out and about… it looks THAT professional."

While the shine may seem intense for some beauty lovers, it looks like this trend might just stick around for this summer. Strobing has been a fan-favorite has been a fan-favorite for over a year now, and Kim Kardashian publicly made the switch from contouring to nontouring (which is a more subtle, less makeup-heavy version of contouring,) edging the theory along that it's going to be all about the glow for this half of 2016.

If you're convinced you'll look more glazed Krispy Kreme than ethereal goddess, just try it on at home. Who knows — you might just love it!

Images: NikkieTutorials/ YouTube