All About Bieber & Drake's New Collab

If you thought there wouldn't be new Drake music for awhile after the arrival of Views, you haven't been paying attention to Drake's career. Since his album was released at the end of April, the rapper has been everywhere, and now Justin Bieber has remixed "One Dance," one of the major bangers off Drake's new album. Drake revealed the remix, as well as two other new tracks, on Beats 1's OVO Sound Radio on Saturday, and the "One Dance" remix lyrics show just how much of an influence Bieber must've had on the song.

Bieber's remix is mostly his own lyrical take on Drake's original, and it doesn't feature any of Drake's original verses, just the same highly catchy beat and a mostly unchanged chorus. Bieber's lyrics are in the same vein as many of his Purpose songs: he's at a club, having fun, but there's a touch of regret and loneliness, as shown by words like "You know, I like to go wild/So make your way over here right now/We only got a little while." There's also his signature cockiness, an attitude that fits well with Drake's nice guy smugness. "I don't know your name/But I'm sure that you know me," Bieber sings in a line that could easily be a Drake lyric.

On the chorus, Bieber hasn't changed much from Drake's original, except for a few notable exceptions. First, the name-dropped drink has changed from Drake's Hennessy to Bieber's 1942. Bieber has been known to drink Don Julio 1942 tequila; he told Martha Stewart that it was his drink of choice last year, and the singer has reportedly spent $200 on bottles of the stuff on his wild nights out.

The more significant change to the "One Dance" chorus is that Drake's "higher power's taking a hold of me" has been exchanged for "body lockin', put a hold on me" in Bieber's remix. It seems like a strange choice to swap Drake's theological lyric for something more innocuous, especially since Bieber's music often makes reference to a higher power. It's possible that Bieber simply liked the sound of a line with fewer syllabus, but I wonder if there was any deeper reason for changing those lyrics. It's a mystery, but one thing is clear: this remix is a banger.