Scott Disick Is Super Awkward On 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' & The Reason Is Kind Of Sad

Since Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian officially parted ways last year — a breakup I'm still not over — things between them haven't been the same. After spending time apart, Scott buying his own home, and he and Kourtney learning to navigate the murky waters of co-parenting and staying friends through it all, it's still not easy for them to figure out how to do this without actually being together romantically. And after Scott was super awkward on Keeping Up With The Kardashians , it was finally time for him to come clean about what's going on.

At first, it all started out pretty well. He admitted to Khloe — who he's always had a really close friendship with — that he feels like he's chasing his old family around when he tries to hang out with him, so when he is with them, he feels weird about it. Khloe didn't get it, because to her, there is no "old" family. He and Kourtney might not be together anymore, but to her, that doesn't mean he's not just as much a part of their family as he was before. However, I totally get that he feels awkward hanging out with his ex's mom and sisters so much after their relationship ended.

After a talk like that, you'd think it would get better, right? Not so much. Khloe invited him to a special dinner they have every year in honor of her late father's birthday, where they eat food from his favorite Armenian restaurant. Instead of making him feel included, it just made him feel even weirder, and he ended up spending a lot of the night talking to Lamar in a separate room.

Another chat with Khloe seemed to clear things up, though, and it seems like his relationship with the Kardashians might be headed in the right direction. Even if he and Kourtney never get back together again, he definitely has a support system for life.