Is The Blackfish's Life In Danger On 'GoT'?

I hate to say this prematurely since it will inevitably put a jinx on the whole thing, but Game of Thrones Season 6 has been a relatively happy and, dare I say, cheerful season. Between Jon Snow's resurrection and the various reunions that have cropped up thus far, my soul is significantly less crushed at this point in the game than it has been in prior seasons. But part of me feels like that all has to end at some point, and I'm fearful it may begin with Catelyn Stark's uncle Brynden Tully. Yes, it's entirely possible that The Blackfish will die on Game of Thrones by the time this season is over with.

Now, those of you who have read the books will be quick to argue against this theory, considering that his death has yet to happen... that we know of, at least. Much like what's happened in the novels, Brynden was one of the few able to escape the Red Wedding relatively unharmed (physically, at least). After that, he returned to Riverrun to hold down the fort against Walder Frey and his men since, if you recall, Riverrun was what Tywin Lannister promised Frey in exchange for the whole Red Wedding nightmare.

Later on, Jaime tried to make a deal with The Blackfish, much like we saw him do in this very episode, and, of course, he refused. But what's to come after this rather heated encounter? If the writers intend to stick by the book A Feast for Crows, then The Blackfish will eventually escape Riverrun and become an outlaw after Frey lays claim to the castle. But when have these writers ever done anything predictable? I'm betting it won't play out exactly like that. In fact, given all the lack of bloodshed that's occurred thus far this season, I'd bet they'd be willing to sacrifice his life in the process.

There was just something about his speech to Jaime that felt a little foreshadowing. Like when he said he was born in this castle and intends to die there... could that be the writers hinting at his inevitable fate? Then there's the sister remark Jaime made in next Sunday's promo: "I love Cersei and if I have to slaughter ever Tully who ever lived to get back to her, that's what I'll do." I mean, that certainly doesn't sound great for Brynden, especially considering this is coming from the Kingslayer himself. I'm afraid that much like his niece Catelyn, The Blackfish's days may be numbered.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO