Did The Backstreet Boys Forget Their Lyrics During Their 2016 Miss USA Performance? There Were Some Awkward Moments

After a long wait, the Backstreet Boys finally took the stage at the Miss USA pageant to perform a medley of their good ol' hits. As exciting as that was, something seemed a bit off. It wasn't the sound or anything. But did the Backstreet Boys forget the lyrics of their songs during their 2016 Miss USA performance? It totally sounded that way during their smash hit '90s track "I Want It That Way" and it was apparent from the very first words of the song. There seemed to be some weird gaps in between the lyrics "You are my fire / my one desire," which have been burned in my memory, but I guess not in the mind of Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys. It really did seem like he forgot them.

I mean, I guess I can't completely blame him. The song came out back in 1999, which is 17 years ago. Seriously. I'm sure since then that the band has sung so many other songs and made other music and you know, had so much else going on. They've had more music than just "I Want It That Way." But it's definitely something kept happening through out the song and the folks on Twitter noticed, too.

Forgotten lyrics or not, BSB sounded great overall and were one of the highlights of the evening. Littrell should just maybe considering getting out the old Walkman and popping in his Millennium CD for a refresher.