Selena Gomez Is Basically A Blonde Now

This famous singer is no longer just a brunette. Gomez rocked long, almost blonde waves recently, and she looks amazing with the new 'do. She has a gig as a Pantene spokesmodel, so of course her strands always slay. She just usually opts for a glossy raven hue for her thick locks. That said, Sel Go has been getting progressively lighter and softer with her hair color. Either way, I love it, and her many, many fans are sure to be into the new look as well.

Another person who recently went blonde? Gomez's ex. Justin Bieber both went blonde recently, but in an entirely different way than his former flame. Even though I think it's safe to say that Gomez is rocking the look a little better, in my opinion, it is funny that they both went blonde within a days of each other. The Bieber, also known for his swoopy bangs, his man bun, and for generally having a lot of different hairstyles, showed off his new, bleached blonde hair this weekend. Of course The Beliebers reacted to his shaved and blonde head, just like they respond to every move their hero makes.

Observe the very blonde Biebs.

So that's The Biebs as a blonde and with his bros. Of course the cross tattoo on his face is MIA, since it was not real, even though multiple sources reported that it was, in fact, legit. But back to the matter at hand. How about Gomez going blonde?

Her blonde is more buttery, with an auburn-like base. It's lighter than we've seen from Gomez in quite some time and the shade is certainly cool for the summer, to borrow a phrase from her onetime friend and fellow former Disney star Demi Lovato. It's not platinum like her ex's coif. This could likely be extensions and/or a wig, since heavy processing is murder on manes.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gomez showed off a lighter brown x blonde highlighted look earlier this year, too. This wasn't as blonde, but it's more evidence of her gradual softening in shade.

Personally, I still wish the fact that both of 'em went blonde was an indicator of a renewed romance between the two. But it probably just means they are both young and stylish, and restless when it comes to to their looks. And that's totally OK.

Images: Justin Bieber/Instagram (3)