Justin Bieber's Man Bun Needs A Style Boost

OMG you guys! Jared Leto may have ditched his man bun and his long hair, but he has a replacement waiting in the wings and hoping to usurp his throne as the king of the male bunheads. Justin Bieber has a man bun now. Yes, really.

I applaud The Biebs for moving further and further away from those signature swoopy bangs that put him on the map — you know, long before he was all living that "Thug Life" with the sleeves of tattoos and engaging in so many shirtless ab photo shoots. And while he no longer does that James Dean-inspired pompadour, his man bun could use a little help, honestly.

I've got a style Rx for the singer, who is working overtime on cleaning up his image, showing us he is a good sport with the brutal Justin Bieber Comedy Central roast.

The man bun is actually no different than when The Biebs first tried growing a mustache. It was like 17 errant hairs on his upper lip and that, my friends, does not a mustache make. The Biebs' attempt at a stache was sorry and it reminded me that he wasn't going to be 15 and singing "Baby" forever. Some things cannot be avoided, like puberty.

That said, The Biebs has been rocking his mellow yellow man bun and he's halfway there. It's meandering in the "boy bun" phase. With a few fixes and suggestions, it will quickly upgrade itself to the man bun it wants to be. Kinda like The Biebs himself, no?

Here it is. And here's my Rx, comprised of seven simple steps that are easy to adhere to.

1. Grow It A Bit Longer

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The length is too in-between, like what Rihanna would endure when growing out a pixie. I suggest letting it grow to chin length and then shoulder length, so there is more volume and more hair in general. He can take some vitamins to expedite the process, but a shaggier length will allow him to create a tighter, slicker, and more versatile man bun.

2. Go Back To Brown


The blonde hair is fine, but it does look a bit processed, since it is. So I think he needs to go back to his normal golden brown shade. The shine would give the man bun a more polished texture and it would look thicker. Overall, he needs to have less of a surfer dude vibe.

3. No Skrillex Side Shave

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Skrillex side shaved 'do feels like its 15 minutes have expired, so The Biebs should not try to do shaved sides, or short sides, as pictured above, with a top pony. There needs to be more of an "all one length" mindset.

4. Ditch The Lids For Now

The Biebs needs to commit. He tends to wear hats, from baseball caps to the Pharrell-inspo topper pictured above. He needs to ditch these lids and truly focus on the man bun. If he wants to own the man bun and take the baton passed to him, unintentionally, by Mr. Leto, then he has to fully adopt the style.

5. No Bangs

These faux bangs are fun when he recalls the style that started it all, but they are from a former era and they are not the future. Having bangs makes managing a man bun hard and it's too much going on at once. So the ultimate prescription is let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

6. No 'Stache, Either

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That thin 'stache and those chin pubes? They can be kinda creepy, like he is trying too hard. Keep the hair growth relegated to the head and stay clean shaven so it's not too much hair. Those facial follicles can detract since they are soooo baby fine. Plus, he has a cute baby face. He should show it off fully.

7. Leto Inspo


Lastly and most critically, The Biebs must look to Leto's former long locks for inspo. Without that, his man bun doesn't stand a chance.

Godspeed, Biebs.

Images: Getty (5); Justin Bieber/Instagram (3)