Kylie Jenner Addresses Sex Tape Rumors After Her Twitter Is Hacked, Because The Trolls Need To Be Called Out

For a family who turned a single leaked sex tape into an empire, I get the association between "sex tape" and "Kardashian." So maybe it wasn't even a surprise when it came out that Kylie Jenner may have a sex tape with Tyga. And it certainly wasn't a surprise that when someone hacked Jenner's Twitter account this weekend, her followers immediately started requesting that the hacker leak the alleged tape. Surprising it was not, but vile and disgusting and privacy-breaching AF? Yes, yes, and yes — in regards to both the Twitter hack and the fact that fans were thirsty to have the hacker release the alleged tape.

Jenner addressed both the Twitter hack and the alleged sex tape on Snapchat on Sunday night, seeming breezy and carefree when it came to the social media invasion, but seriously grossed out and annoyed by the fan reaction when it came to the alleged tape.

"So my Twitter was hacked and I don't really care," she said nonchalantly, eating chips. "I'm just letting 'em have fun."

"Everyone's like, 'Leak the sex tape,'" she said of her followers, rolling her eyes in disgust. "Guys — you're never going to see a sex tape from me. It's never going to happen."

Jenner didn't mention if there was any truth that a tape even exists in the first place, because that's not the point. Instead, she was not only reacting to the gross breach of privacy that someone had hacked into her account in the first place (that jaded, experienced reaction speaks volumes TBH), but also the idea that there is a mob of people out there hungry as hell for a sex tape. It's a truly horrific thought when you think about it: So many people out there in the world don't give a second thought about someone's privacy (and the blatant violation of it) as long as they get what they want out of it. It's gross AF on both counts: They're actually excited that someone hacked a celeb's Twitter account (privacy violation number one), and are even more excited because that means that the public is one step closer to receiving an intimate video of the person in question (potential privacy violation number two). Who even are we as a human race?

Jenner was just the latest victim in a series of celeb Twitter hacks this weekend. Jack Black, Kellie Pickler, Brett Eldridge also had their accounts overtaken by trolls who spouted series of racist and horrific tweets on the celeb's account. In the case of Black, the hacker got into his Tenacious D band account and even tweeted that the actor had died. Just last week, Katy Perry's Twitter account was hacked. Clearly, these are not isolated incidents — but rather a series of repeated actions by vile Internet trolls who get their kicks by seriously violating another human being's privacy. And if all of these Twitter hacks have taught me anything — and the gross reaction, especially, to Jenner's account being compromised — it's that we as a celebrity culture seriously need to reevaluate that line between fan and troll. Because clearly, all too often, it becomes disgustingly blurred.