How To Try Out For 'The Bachelor'


Have you ever thought about looking for love on television? Do you like competing against, like, 20 other people to win your beloved's heart? Do you like roses? Well, then take a chance and try out for The Bachelor 2017. Cheesy sales pitch aside, if you have even considered giving the greatest reality dating show on the planet a shot, a casting call may be coming to a location near you soon. June 2016 begins the search for the next group of women to compete for whatever lucky dude becomes the next leading man. So, don't hesitate to try out, thanks to this list of where The Bachelor casting locations are.

And, it seems like the application process is not really complicated so that's good news for all of your potential contestants. If you don't think that your personality would shine through quite as brightly on a paper application, then the live casting calls are definitely for you. That gives you a chance to meet the casting teams face-to-face and really let them know who you are. I mean, if you are going to go for something like this, you might as well give yourself the best shot, and getting in front of the right people is probably the best way to do that.

The Bachelor website has a list of locations where casting calls will be held this summer. They're held all over the country, so there's sure to be one near you. And, Bustle's Anna Klassen attended a casting in 2014, so she can give the details of what to expect when you go to one.

We've done all the hard work of finding where you need to go, so no more excuses! Get out there and get yourself a rose.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC