Bieber Makes A Social Media Gesture To Selena

by Daniela Cabrera

Trying to keep up with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's relationship has proven to be one of the most confusing sagas in the entertainment world. For a couple that keeps saying that they want to stop talking about each other, they actually have continued talking about each other quite a bit. On Gomez's side, it seems like she just keeping being asked about her ex in interviews, but on Bieber's end, I think he likes to rile up fans a bit. Case in point: Bieber re-followed Gomez on Instagram, causing Jelena fans to go crazy.

I always thought it was a little odd when people "ship" actual real-life humans as if they were characters in a movie, but whatever floats your boat, I guess. I can see the intrigue that comes with wanting a couple like Bieber and Gomez to ultimately end up together, because since they started dating in 2011 there has been nothing but drama. (So, yeah, it is like a movie.) As of right now, Gomez hasn't followed Bieber back yet, so who knows what he is thinking or wanting out of this. One thing is for sure, their fans are still holding on for hope of their reunion, even though these antics are something we have seen before.

First off, it's funny that there are fans so fervently tracking their online activity. According to Mashable, it has been two years since Bieber has followed his ex-girlfriend on Instagram, which is a long time on the Internet and a big deal for Jelena fans:

No disrespect to Jelena shippers, but how could everyone get so excited about this recent news, when it's so like that Bieber was just bored and looking to stir up trouble at Gomez's expense. That, I don't agree with.

Back in December 2015, Bieber uploaded a photo of himself and Gomez, which caused fan hysteria. He changed the caption to "Just a throwback calm down," but I think he knew what he was doing.

Fast forward to March 2016 and Bieber was up to his old tricks again, posting a #TBT of himself and Gomez kissing! Did Gomez know that he was going to do this? Well, fans scoured through thousands of comments on the photo to see a simple word allegedly left by Gomez's official Instagram account: "Perfect." Oh man, I have no energy to understand them.

Although many of their fans are back on the wagon rooting for these star-crossed lovers, there are some that see the light and are conflicted about this turn of events, even thinking it's a PR stunt and not good for either of them:

One thing is for sure, this couple brings up a lot of passionate emotions from both ends. Since Gomez hasn't publicly followed Bieber or made any other statement, I will just say that this is probably a case of Bieber being bored again. At least on social media, he has history of being the one to put these signs out there, and Gomez sometimes replies and sometimes doesn't. We don't know the real story, but I only hope that they're on the same page with this situation. Until then, fans should chill out and let it be.