Girl Dressed As A Hot Dog On Princess Day = #Goals

If you thought that today was going to be a normal day for you, you were dead wrong. Today is the day you get introduced to a new American hero — a girl who dressed up as a hot dog on Princess Day. At this point you might be wondering: what on earth are you talking about? I'm talking about five-year-old Ainsley from North Carolina, who won over my heart with her creativity and spunk. She's my spirit animal and a real contender for my top five favorite human beings on earth.

Ainsley is enrolled in a dance class at Holly Springs School of Dance, and it was Princess Week. Students were obviously encouraged to come dressed as their favorite princesses, a custom that extends to birthday parties as well as Disney trips with the fam. Ainsley decided that this was not the direction she wanted to take the idea, and instead used the power of imagination to come up with an alternative costume all on her own. Boy oh boy, am I happy that she did! The result is a series of photos that show a class full of girls dressed as our beloved Disney heroines — and one badass hot dog. You can say that I can't mustard up another compliment, but I relish in the possibility to prove you wrong. Ainsley, you are top dog. Forever.

I don't want to risk jinxing her, but I cannot help think that she's exactly the type of person who will be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. It's that type of thinking outside the box and being a proud individual that gets you places. Can't wait to be on your payroll, Ainsley!

Ainsley's father, Brandon, could not have been anymore proud of his daughter. He event tweeted out my new favorite motto "In the world of princesses, be a hotdog!". As it turns out, the thinking behind her outfit was much less about making a statement and more about expressing how much she liked her costume.

I can't stop smiling at the idea of watching a hot dog being interviewed on stage. I love this story so much! And it looks like other people are getting into the sprit as well. Besides thousands of positive social media posts praising Ainsley and her family, people are creating their own works of art inspired by her.

Many girls, and even women, can relate to the emotions these photos bring up. Fitting in is hard and sometimes we don't want to. I would like to submit the following photo as an example:

This was my Halloween attempt senior year of high school. I was trying to be the Queen of Hearts but landed on ... sad vaudeville character? I just could never find a Regina George approved costume that felt right. Ainsley, if you ever want to get in touch to swap costume stories, I'm here for you.

Images: Twitter; Pexels