Kanye West Has a Soft Side

Raise your hand if you've been guilty of dismissing Kanye West as an egotistical brute who has love for nothing other than his fiancée and baby girl, his art, himself, and his unparalleled ability to dish out impromptu rants of epic proportions. C'mon, don't be shy — there's no way I can possibly take on Yeezy all by my lonesome. Besides, he may have given us reason to rescind our less-than-flattering assessment of his personality, at least for the time being. During one of his recent performances (musical, not theatrical), West displayed a gentler side when he passed his mic to a fan, who he then allowed to finish the last verse of "Bound 2." Who knows what provoked this public act of kindness, but we'll take it! Making the deal even sweeter (who ever thought we'd use "West" and "sweet" in the same sentence) is the gesture that followed. Turns out, the fan was Mike Ahern, an unsuspecting concertgoer who was celebrating his 18th birthday. He ended up leaving the show with birthday-sized bragging rights and an Instagram video to prove it, plus another kick-ass gift: the microphone itself. Ahern says he tried to hand 'Ye back his mic, but the "Heartless" singer himself wouldn't accept it, so Ahern kept it. After all, who can refuse Yeezus? Ahern captioned his post:

Kanye West gave me his microphone as a birthday gift and asked me to sing the end of Bound 2 to close out the concert. Unforgettable night!

This is truly refreshing especially considering West's recent trend. No matter if he's in the middle of an interview, mid-performance or otherwise, West refuses to mince words and spares no one when moved by one of his emotionally unchecked meltdowns. In recent months, recipients of West's vicious tongue-lashings have included MTV's Sway Calloway, who was hilariously accused by West of lacking two crucial commodities: not having "done the education," or "the answers." And in September, West engaged in a historic war of words with Jimmy Kimmel, who dared produce a seemingly harmless skit spoofing West.

For now, we'll let 'Ye off the hook and bask in the gleaming light cast from his niceness and hope that there's a good while before another rant appears on the horizon, waiting to overshadow his good will.