'The Bachelorette' Didn't Change Christian

Bachelorette contestant Christian captivated me from the start — and not just because of his appearance. Christian has a heart of gold, as evidenced by the fact that his two younger brothers live with him, and he spent a big part of his introduction on The Bachelorette premiere talking about how he wants to be a great role model for them. He also spoke about racism that he said he encountered from some members of his own family, as Christian explained that because his mother is black, some people in his white father's family refused to accept him. It seems he has overcome a lot, but that never effected his positive attitude and family-oriented life with his brothers. It should come as no surprise then that after The Bachelorette finished filming , Christian returned right back to that life.

Christian really seems like a normal, everyday dude, and I hope he keeps that up as the show airs. According to his LinkedIn, he's still working as the Enterprise Account Director at Level 3 Communications, like he was before joining The Bachelorette. He is also very into fitness, with many pictures on his Instagram showing him flexing and pushing and handstanding his way into the physique we have seen on The Bachelorette. Christian’s life pre-JoJo was working out, hanging out with his friends and his brothers, and living it up in Los Angeles, and, after a deep dive into his social accounts, it seems that hasn’t changed that much post-production.

Christian Is Working Out

Christian loved to work out before The Bachelorette, and when on the show, he and the other contestants didn’t have a lot to do besides work out. There were a lot of pushups and pull-ups and sit-ups during their downtime. Post-Bachelorette, Christian is still working on his fitness, albeit incorporating some of his Bachelorette workout routine into his civilian one. Who needs a spotter?

Christian Is Hanging With Friends (Old & New)

He’s a guy that has a lot of pals, but after The Bachelorette, Christian has definitely expanded his circle. It always seems like a lot of drama on the show, but many men and women seem to become close friends after filming wraps. Christian is hosting viewing parties in Los Angeles with some of the other guys from the show, so he is still making his pals a priority.

Christian Is Focusing On Family

As I mentioned, blood is big for Christian. His brothers are his priority, and, as The Bachelorette airs, we’re learning a little bit more about Christian’s family. Like, for instance, he is also related to an NFL player (sorry, Jordan. You’re not that unique anymore). Christian’s cousin is Baltimore Ravens running back Justin Forsett, who is cheering on his cousin as the show airs.

Whether Christian was the one to receive the final rose or not (and we won’t know that for a while), I’m glad that his post-Bachelorette life so closely resembles the one before it. People get swept up in their 15 minutes of reality television fame too easily, and Christian seems like he has a strong support system and the right frame of mind to not take it too seriously.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC