'Almost Famous' Fans Will Love 'Roadies' From Cameron Crowe, So Buckle Up Rock Music Fans

Calling all fans of Almost Famous: I've got the scoop on a new TV show that you need in your life. Following the exploits of the titular band of misfits, Roadies is a refreshing show in nearly every way. Written and produced by Cameron Crowe, the show will be a return to form for one of America's favorite directors. While it's his first foray into television, the musical subject matter is anything but new. Crowe spent his formative years as a writer at Rolling Stone magazine, touring with and writing about some of the biggest rock bands of the 1970s. His experiences served as the foundation for Almost Famous, easily one of the most beloved films of the last twenty years.

While the subject matter of Crowe's other films are varied (from small-town romance in Elizabethtown to zookeeping 101 in We Bought A Zoo), it's the world of music where he feel most comfortable. With this new television show, we see the director returning to his prime comfort zone. Covering the wild and weird adventures that can happen while on touring, this show is going to give you certified feels for Almost Famous. The cast is a stellar collection of talent, the locations look amazing and the characters look like they'll be just as quirky as their 1970s predecessors.

The Cast

Literally every cast member in Roadies is a bonafide star. Headed up by Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino, other heavy-hitters include Rafe Spall, Imogen Poots, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Luis Guzman and Rainn Wilson. Each cast member brings serious character acting cred to the show, making for an explosively fun mix when it comes to the show.

The Locations

Just like Almost Famous, we'll get to tour America once again. It looks like viewers will be seeing the country from the windows of a tour bus, which will result in some great panoramas and location shots. Roadies promises to take us to some big locations, including major music cities Atlanta and Nashville. Bring on the sightseeing!

The Characters Are Quirky

Name a character in Almost Famous that didn't march to the beat of their own drum. Go on, I dare you. The same looks to be true for Roadies. From the looks of the trailer, Wilson threatens to be a scene stealer. The same goes for "Is he British or weird?" roadie Milo (Peter Cambor) and part-time gardener, part-time roadie Jesse (Machine Gun Kelly). Who will be the most memorable? The saucy attitudes of every roadie will certainly get sparks flying.

The Timeless, Magical World of Music

What Almost Famous did was capture the unpredictable, out-of-control but still magical world that is the world of touring musicians. It becomes clear very quickly from the Roadies trailer that those same vibes will be recaptured. The aura of fun onstage looks to replicated backstage. Here, the demands of working different musical acts, experiencing a new city every week and even the ensuing drama are what make the music industry a fascinating one.

So, until Roadies actually premieres later in June, I'll be biding my time with repeat viewing of Almost Famous and letting the good times roll.

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