Will The Liars Turn To Mary Drake For Help? 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Premiere Photos Suggests She Might Be An Ally

To say that the Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars was surprising would be an understatement. Not only was Alison's husband revealed to be a two-faced, British liar, but his partner in crime was someone that pretty much no one could have seen coming. The Season 6 finale revealed that Jessica DiLaurentis' secret twin Mary Drake is working with Dr. Rollins to take over Alison's shares of the Carissimi Group, which sent every fan's jaw to the ground. Given the fact that Mary tricked her niece into checking herself into a mental institution, I think it's safe to say that Mary isn't going to win the Secret Aunt Of The Year award — but is Mary all bad? The new photos from the Season 7 premiere of PLL suggest that the Liars could be working with Mary when the season picks up.

Right now it seems more than fair for the Liars not to trust Mary — after all, the last time it was discovered that the DiLaurentis clan had a secret family member, she locked them in her demented dollhouse for weeks. However, new photos from the Season 7 premiere "Tick Tock, Bitches," suggests that Mary might be a friendlier entity than fans initially thought — or, at least, is pretending to be one. The new photos show Mary sipping tea alongside Spencer, and looking quite pleasant doing it. Could Mary possibly have better motives than we thought, or is she pulling one over on the Liars by putting on a friendly face? A picture may say a thousand words, but we're not totally sure what these are really saying:

Right now the Liars have no idea that Mary is Ali's mom's identical twin, but they do know that someone who looks exactly like Jessica is running around Rosewood, and that Charlotte's real mother is Mary. It won't be long for the Liars to put together that Jessica has a twin, but I'm surprised that they trust this woman enough to invite her into one of their homes. After all, this is Charlotte's mother — could the apple really fall that far from the tree? It's quite possible that Mary has Jessica's power of persuasion, and is tricking the Liars into thinking she's not on Uber A's side in order to take them all down.

Then again, there's always the possibility that we're totally wrong about Mary's motivations. Maybe the reason Mary wanted to put Alison in the mental hospital is because she learned that Alison isn't quite as innocent as we believe her to be. After all, Alison did seem very guilty about something in the Season 6 finale... could she be the one guilty of Charlotte's murder? If that's the case, perhaps Mary is coming to Spencer because she wants to help the Liars find Hanna, whom she knows for a fact is innocent.

We don't know much about this mysterious character, but the premiere photos hint that we'll find out a lot more about her this season. Friend or foe, she's certainly one character I'm fascinated with.

Images: Screenshot, Eric McCandless (2)/Freeform