The One ‘90s Movie You Need To Watch On Netflix ASAP

I’m sure you’ve had this problem before: It’s a Friday night, you’re ready to chill, you have your comfy sweatpants on, the pair that you’ve been successfully breaking in since freshman year of college, and you turn on your streaming device to find that there is absolutely nothing to watch. Not a thing. You’ve already seen the options that are listed, or, the choices that are there are in no way appealing to you. I get it. It happens to the best of us. But there is a perfect solution: Stop trying to find something new to watch on Netflix and revel in something old. Like this one ‘90s movies you need to watch ASAP. Because while you scour the categories for some new release that you haven’t already seen in the theaters, there are some pretty awesome throwback options that you are totally missing out on.

And what’s not to love about a night in with some of your favorite films from the past? This one in particular is one you need to watch ASAP, because it will not only bring back all the nostalgic feels, it’s also a really great movie. One that has stood the test of time: 26 years after it’s initial release, this film still stands out as one of the greatest movies to watch over and over again.

And the movie I’m talking about is, of course, The Sandlot. The movie that every good ‘90s kid knows and loves. Regardless of where you grew up or what you grew up doing, you probably loved this movie more than anything else. About a group of neighborhood kids that come together over their shared love for baseball, this typical coming of age story is anything but. Set to the back drop of the wholesome early 1960s, there was so much in this movie that you could relate to when you were a kid: Bullies, first crushes, terrifying dogs (every street had them), and the feeling that summer would somehow magically last forever. Really, it had it all.

But watching The Sandlot as an adult will give you even more perspective on what a great movie it is. With a great voiceover narration providing some great hindsight to the shenanigans that these kids get into, it’s really a great movie for kids and for adults. It will remind you about everything you once loved about summer, friendship, first crushes, and baseball.

So add this one to your queue. It’s the perfect choice for your next night on the couch.

Image: 20th Century Fox