What's The Most Tweeted About TV Show?

Social media has totally changed the way we talk about television. No longer do you have to hold screening parties in order to get your friend's real-time opinion on Game Of Throne 's massive reveal or The Bachelorette's nail-biting rose ceremony: all you have to do is scroll through your Twitter feed. Whether we like it or not (and spoiler-avoiders will probably be more likely to vote the latter) Twitter has become an integral part of our viewing experience. Personally, I'm all for it — connecting with other fans of your favorite TV shows is a way to heighten the community experience of watching television, even if the only person you're tuning in with in real life is your cat. Now, new data from Nielsen reveals that fans of certain TV shows may be able to join in on larger conversations than others. What are the most tweeted about shows on television? Nielsen's data might surprise you.

Nielsen collected data on the number of tweets per each new episode of television, and got the average amount of tweets per television show in order to rank the most tweeted about series. Of the top five most tweeted about shows, three are scripted series, and two are reality shows. Here is the list:

5. The Voice

It makes a lot of sense that The Voice is on this list — the show wouldn't work without its ability to make fans care about its contestants, and fans can easily prove that they do by tweeting about a particularly powerful song rendition or how unfair it was that their favorite singer got booted off the program.

4. The Bachelor

It's strange to think that The Bachelor existed without Twitter: reading live-tweets of this reality competition's ridiculous moments is almost as fun as watching them all go down.

3. Game Of Thrones

I'm a little surprised that this HBO series didn't make it to the very top of the list. After all, it seems like you can't go anywhere without someone discussing the devastating Hodor drama or Jon Snow's resurrection. Perhaps the only reason it doesn't rank in the number one or two spot is because fans are so conscious about spoiling the series — after all, some Game Of Thrones turn downright Lannister when confronted with a spoiler on social media.

2. Empire

Between the musical numbers and the never-ending drama (not to mention cliffhanger finales) it's no wonder that fans can't stop, won't stop tweeting about ABC's soapy musical.

1. The Walking Dead

Just in case its name wasn't enough indication, people definitely die on The Walking Dead. (Except, err, for when they don't.) The zombie apocalypse is an excellent backdrop for OMG-worthy moments, and clearly freaking out solo isn't enough for fans — they have to express their shock in 140 characters or less.

The rest of the top 10 list, in ascending order, is WWE Monday Night RAW, American Horror Story: Hotel, Teen Wolf, Love & Hip Hop, and Scandal. Personally, I'm surprised that more Shondaland shows didn't make the list (hello, Grey's Anatomy!) and that younger-skewing programming from The CW and Freeform didn't crack the top 10, either. Still, you can't deny that these series have the ability to make fans lose their minds online, even if they all have different methods of doing it. Even if you're watching these shows solo, Twitter promises to connect you with tons of other loyal viewers waiting to hashtag it out.

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