Evan May Leave 'The Bachelorette'

Evan is one of the nicest guys on The Bachelorette, but even though JoJo has taken a liking to him, it doesn’t mean he’ll stay. After an altercation with Chad, Evan may not feel safe in the Bachelorette mansion — will Evan leave The Bachelorette? He and Chad have been dueling basically since the beginning, because the other guys in the house think Chad is a mean girl. He kind of is to be fair, but that’s neither here nor there. When Evan stood up for himself, Chad snapped back, and it wasn’t pretty.

During a date where the group of guys had to tell funny sex stories, Evan took his job as an erectile dysfunction specialist seriously and told a tale about how steroids shrink your junk, insinuating that it was Chad he was talking about. He basically told national television that Chad does ‘roids. Chad wasn’t happy, and he pulled Evan and ripped his shirt. Physical altercations are ugly, and this one, though aborted, was freaking stupid. Afterwards, though, Evan didn’t feel safe due to Chad’s threats, and I couldn’t blame him. How could you be in a house with a man that you think is going to punch you in the face at any given moment?

Fortunately, Evan was able to tell JoJo about Chad's egregious behavior and even though Chad didn’t get cut, JoJo gave Evan the rose and he accepted. Both Evan and Chad are stuck in the Bachelor mansion for another week, so things can only get uglier and angrier. Especially because Chad asked JoJo if she was serious in keeping Evan on the show. Chad, why do you do this? Just let everyone be. If JoJo loves you, she’ll take you all the way. Bottom line here? Evan is staying on The Bachelorette, no matter what Chad thinks.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC