Forget Maverick, Twitter is the best wingman

Another day, another fool on twitter trying to tweet an entire major motion picture. Just kidding, that doesn't happen too often, but today it did: Paramount asked Twitter to suspend a user tweeting every frame of Top Gun . The twitter user @555uhz (now suspended) began tweeting out a single frame from the 1996 classic one still at a time at the start of January, and was going strong until his account was stalled by the film's studio this week for violating copyright laws. But boy, it sure was fun while it lasted.

The studio's lawyers filed a DMCA notice over the account, stating: "No one is authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use Top Gun without the express written permission of Paramount."

Before Twitter took action and froze the account, the user had had 5,200 followers (but was following no one himself) and had rounded out 1,525 tweets, aka 1,525 photos of Tom Cruise as Maverick. Sadly, I do not think the tweeter made it to the gratuitous muscle shots during the infamous volleyball scene.

The Hollywood Reporter reached out to twitter for comment, but were directed to the site's copyright and DMCA policy. Those who are flagged, such as Tom Cruise enthusiast @555uhz, are given the opporunity to file a counter-notice if they believe they were flagged in error. But like any good wingman, Twitter acted with the need for speed, and shut down the account pronto.

Image: Paramount