Hillary Clinton Shares A Bittersweet Instagram

On Monday, less than an hour after being declared the presumptive Democratic nominee by the Associated Press and by NBC shortly afterwards, Hillary Clinton shared an Instagram photo that reveals the bittersweet nature of this moment. (It's important to note that her opposing candidate, Bernie Sanders, has contested AP's calling of the race, saying that nothing is set in stone until July).

"To everyone who’s worked so hard to get us to this moment, thank you. But this primary isn’t over: tomorrow, millions of people in six states head to the polls, and we’re going to work to earn every one of those votes. Let’s go win this thing, and then head into the general election together," she wrote.

In the Instagram post, Clinton shared a quote of her own, which read, "We are on the brink of a historic moment, but we still have work to do."

On Twitter, Clinton simply wrote: "To everyone who's worked so hard, thank you. Let's go win this thing." She initially responded to the AP's calling of the race by writing, "We’re flattered, @AP, but we've got primaries to win. CA, MT, NM, ND, NJ, SD, vote tomorrow!"

Former President Bill Clinton retweeted the former Secretary of State, adding, "What she said. Let’s have a great turnout tomorrow."

Clinton's message in response to the AP's announcement is clear: While she's thrilled to have been predicted to be the likely winner of the Democratic nomination — and, let's face it, it's hardly a surprise — the last thing she wants is for that to stop Americans from going out and casting their votes in a variety of states on Tuesday.