How To Best Celebrate Prince Day

It's already almost been two months since the death of the incomparable Prince, and fans and people around the globe are still reeling about the loss of the music legend. His death was sudden and left a massive absence in the very fiber of rock & roll, soul, and pop music. In a move to continue celebrating his life, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has declared June 7 to be "Prince Day" in Minnesota, a day which would also have been the artist's 58th birthday. As anyone who followed and knew the Purple One would rightfully do, many fans have taken to social media to make Prince Day into a virtual party, spreading more than a few great memes and tweets that fans can share on June 7.

While it's technically and officially only "Prince Day" in Minnesota, the love, power and majesty of the Purple One knows no bounds. Not surprisingly, fans from all over the globe have joined in across social media platforms to share powerful photos, quotes and memes to keep his spirit alive. With this announcement, fans are also urged to wear purple, the only color appropriate for true royalty. Without further ado, here are some photos and tweets to celebrate Prince Day and keep the memory of Prince alive and well. Happy Birthday, Prince! We miss you.

1. He Was An Inspiration

He certainly had a way with words.

2. His Big Heart Was Obvious

Prince was here to spread positive energy, which he always will.

3. His Lyrics Were Legendary

He helped us all get through life a little bit easier.

4. He Changed The Way We Party

He changed the meaning of "1999" forever, really.

5. His Birthday Is Now Practically A Holiday

Millions of people will be celebrating him for years to come.

6. He Inspired Amazing Artwork

This collage aptly captures the fabulousness of The Purple One.

7. He Was Effortlessly Cool

He just made it look so easy.

8. He Always Said What We Felt

Prince could write and sing about almost anything and make us feel it.

9. Fans Keep The Party Going For Him

If anyone deserves an eternal dance party, it's Prince.

10. He Was One of A Kind

If Prince wanted to be rolled up to the stage, Prince would be rolled up to the stage.

11. He Wore Yellow Like No One Else

There's no better day than Prince Day to celebrate his impeccable fashion sense.

12. He Rocked a Fly Jumpsuit

Who said you can't be a man while ripping on guitar and wearing a feathered jumpsuit?

13. He Had That Iconic Sense Of Style

Nothing says Prince more than a purple jacket and three lensed sunglasses.

14. His Symbol Will Live On

The symbol was important part of Prince's legacy.

15. He Was The Most Seductive

I mean, look at those eyes.

16. He Knew He Was The Prince

Look at that command of the stage.

17. His Essence Lives On

Prince surrounded by heavenly doves is one of the most Prince things I have seen.

18. He Was Basically Royalty

With a jacket and stare like that, "Emperor" sounds like a necessary title.

19. He Gave Purple A Whole New Meaning

It's absolutely his color.

20. He Finally Got The Holiday He Deserves

...to be celebrated forever and ever, even if it comes with a side of sadness.

21. And Finally, His Genius Was Just Transcendent

Rest in Peace, you unique, wonderful soul. I think I speak for many of us when I say we miss you every day.

Images: Giphy