How To Use The Secret Skype Emoji, Because These Animated Images Are All Kinds Of Fun

Sometimes I impress myself with my ability to have a conversation via text using nothing but emoji. Texting has replaced talking, and emojis have replaced texting — no words needed. Just send a little picture. And since smartphones and social media are always on top of their emoji game, it perhaps isn't surprising to learn that Skype has its own secret emoji — but that doesn't make them any less fun. Besides, the fact that they're secret is awesome. They're like top secret emoji that you can only find by typing in special commands.

The Daily Dot recently gave us the rundown on a whole bunch of Skype's hidden emoji, but since there are probably more that we have yet to unearth, I've turned it into a little game — typing all kinds of random commands to see what they render. Most of the time, I come up empty-handed; however, the communication platform still lets you get pretty creative with the people you're talking to. and some of these emoji are seriously adorable.

I sifted through a bunch of these secret emoji and picked out 10 of the best. They're super easy to find; in order to use the Skype hidden emoji, all you have to do is type in the following words in a set of parentheses. Have fun!

1. This Teeny Tiny Umbrella Being Rained Upon

Seek shelter from the rain by typing in (umbrella).

2. This Cute Little Island With A Palm Tree And Sunshine

Visit this remote destination and type in (island).

3. This Man Having A Jolly Good Time With His Dachsund

Goooood dog! Send (toivo) to see this dude and Fido.

4. This Woman Just Waving Hello

Well, hello there! Send (woman) to make a new friend.

5. This Airplane, Probably On The Way To The Island With The Lone Palm Tree

Type (plane) to be whisked away to some faraway place.

6. This Man Who Must Be Late To A Meeting Or Something

Or maybe he has to use the potty. Type (gottarun).

7. This Rainbow That's So Happy It Just Has To Dance

Type out (rainbow) to feel the colors.

8. This Not-So-Smiley Face Gagging On A Cigarette

Use this phlegmy fellow by typing in (smoking).

9. This Definitely-A-Smiley Face That's Tipsy After One Too Many Cocktails

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor! Send (drunk). And also drink responsibly. Seriously. I mean it.

10. This Pool Party-Goer Who Has A Little Oopsies With His Floatie

TMI, dude. Type in (poolparty) and, well, you'll see.

Images: Megan Grant/Bustle (11)