These Musical Emojis Are Just What Your LDR Needs

First, there were emojis… and, now, there are Mojis, courtesy of Skype and Paul McCartney. Yes, that Paul McCartney. I know… what’s a Moji?! Basically, they are super cute, animated, love-themed musical emojis (yes, musical!) set to the tunes of Sir Paul. If you’re a huge, HUGE, Paul McCartney fan like I am, what could be better?! After all, Skyping and love are not just for Valentine’s Day.

“Our number one goal at Skype is to bring people closer together so that friends and families can share friendship and love with one another in the same way they would if they were in person,” Steven Abrahams, Group Product Manager for Studios and Partnerships at Skype, tells Bustle. “Sometimes words alone just can’t express how you feel, and we knew that there was more we could do to truly help our customers celebrate and express their emotions — so we created Mojis.”

Here’s a sample of what the Mojis look like in a Skype convo, but remember, they move.

“We introduced a new ‘love-theme’ for this year featuring our best romance-inspired Mojis and emoticons,” Abrahams says. “Included among them is a brand new set of Mojis, featuring original musical compositions by the legendary Sir Paul McCartney, to help express the many different forms of love to the people that matter most.”

You can see how McCartney came up with them here — while an artist drew them up, Sir Paul came up with the music behind them.

“I was asked by Skype to put some music to some Mojis that they’ve created… Something fun, something nice and new… It was really challenging to do. It was good fun… I’m quite pleased with the way they’ve turned out, so I hope that people will use them, sending messages of love, et cetera — sending all these emotions with emojis, with my music attached to them. I hope you like ‘em anyway. Check em out!” –Sir Paul McCartney to Skype

If you’ve ever texted or emailed, you’ve probably used an emoji, which seem to be as popular as ever. Some people’s dating app profiles just contain emojis, and you can “speak” to someone in emoji-only, like Bustle’s Sex and Relationship editor, Michelle Toglia, did on Tinder. There’s even an Emojipedia site (!) — that’s right, dedicated to all your emoji needs. Sure, a lot are self-explanatory, but some may need more defining.

It seems that each app has their own unique modes of communicating, and I think it’s great — it sets them apart from one another and, let’s face it — it gets confusing keeping track. Nowadays, you can send gifs in Tinder messages and Spotify songs in Happn messages, so why not musical Paul McCartney Mojis in Skype ones? It only makes sense and is an added benefit for daters everywhere.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or a same-city one, Skype’s Mojis can help you stay connected. Btw, for some dating-through-Skype inspiration, you should watch this web series, 7p/10e , soon to be a CBS pilot (each episode’s only a few minutes, and you won’t be able to stop at one, I guarantee it!).

So, without further ado, here are the 10 Skype Mojis, so feel free to send them to your loved ones to your heart’s content.

1. Aww, Love Is In The Air...

2. Yes, A Moving Banana

3. Bears, Because What's More Cuddly?

4. I Hadn't Seen A Cupid Like This Before, But As Long As He Gets The Job Done...

5. This Brings A Whole New Meaning To “Gone Fishin’”!

6. A Moose Charming You With Flowers... Need I Say More?!

7. Wow, This Octopus Has A Lot Of “Plans”

8. “Who” Loves You? (Sorry, It Had To Be Said!)

9. Let Some Love Slither Into Your Life...

10. And, As The Old Saying Goes, “Slow And Steady Wins The Race”... (All of us daters out there can apply this one to our love lives, right?)

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